This is the official fan page of
[Damian Higgins, DJ/producer]

PLANET HUMAN – founder
HUMAN IMPRINT (drum and bass)

SUBHUMAN (bass music)

Brooklyn, NY, USA

www.dj.beatport.com/dieselboy www.twitter.com/djdieselboy www.soundcloud.com/dieselboy www.djdieselboy.com www.twitter.com/planethuman www.youtube.com/thedslboy www.destroyplanethuman.com www.firstwefeast.com/author/dieselboy

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Sam Young aka Vanilla Ace from London, UK has been DJing since he was 17 years old, growing up on a healthy dose of hip hop, drum & bass and house music. In 2012 he created the Vanilla Ace alias to make a new brand of house music infused with all his favourite influences. Subsequently his first releases were picked up by major labels [more]

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Zinc's career as a DJ and producer stretches the steady evolution of hardcore from its house and rave roots through ragga and hip hop-styled hardstep and beyond. In 1991 he began his radio show with then partner dj swift on London's impact fm. He continued to DJ on various pirate radio stations, including Rinse fm while it was a pirate, and has [more]

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Just the name – DJ Fresh – presents a lifelong challenge. How can a producer live up to that name some two decades after he was first bowled over by the newness and innovation of rave music? How, in a genre as notoriously demanding and sometimes conservative as drum'n'bass, can he keep opening up new possibilities without losing the buzz and [more]

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NORTH BASE = Hospital Records, Viper Recordings, New State Music, Wheel & Deal Records, Sin City, Relentless/ Dynamic Ventures, Rat Records, Freelance Diva, Don't Play Records, Nemesis Recordings, Basshead Music, Sleepless Records The future for NORTH BASE is looking up at the moment! In 2012 they came 3rd place in THE NATIONAL DRUM & BASS [more]

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