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Rico & Miella

As classically trained electronic musicians with a “weekend warrior” mentality, Rico and Miella are writing the next chapter of their composition book. 2014 was a huge year for the duo, who released songs with artists such as Tom Swoon, Stadium X, Lush & Simon, and KDrew. Their musical gymnastics and range landed Rico & Miella a #3 spot on the [more]

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Mako – Veteran DJ meets Juilliard graduate. In an era where unexpected ingredients thrive, Mako offers a truly unique experience created by Logan Light and Alex Seaver. Alex attended The Juilliard School on full scholarship as musician. Having played with some of the world’s elite classical artists in the most storied of venues, Seaver was [more]

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G Jones

Bass music producer from Santa Cruz, California, formerly known as Grizzly J Support from Ill Gates, The Widdler, Doshy, Stagga, DJ Need of Birdy Nam Nam, Ill Esha, Freq Nasty, Pixelord, Danny Corn, Minnesota, Sugarpill, Stylust Beats, Mat the Alien, Figure, +verb, Guerrilla Speakerz, Mad Zach, GoldRush, Digi G’Alessio, Boeboe, Flubba, Taso, [more]

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There are only a very few artists who can exert any real influence on the dance scene today – too many artists out there and seemingly endless output. Andre Tanneberger, however, has been making an impact for the past fifteen years. He may not have a secret recipe for success, but he is certainly one of those artists who succeeds in defying [more]

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