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Before Jamie Foxx even started his new album, he had an album title. “I’ve always lived my life trying to understand what women are all about, from the hood to the White House,” he says. “So with the album ’Intuition,’ I tried to sing about what women really want—they want to have fun, they want to drink the right drink, eat the right food, be talked to a certain way. In thinking like that over the whole album, hopefully we captured what women want to hear.”

Foxx doesn’t seem to have trouble giving people what they want. When his last album, Unpredictable, reached the top spot on the US pop charts in 2006, he became only the fourth person in history to win an Academy Award for acting (for his masterful performance as Ray Charles in 2004’s Ray) and release a Number One album. The other three? No less than the incomparable entertainment legends Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Barbra Streisand.

But with Intuition, Foxx is striving to go even farther—to create a state-of-the-art R&B album that will solidify his place among music’s elite. Work on the new album started almost immediately after finishing Unpredictable. “We stayed diligent and just kept harvesting records,” says Foxx. “I have a studio at my house, so I could work any time, and I would descend on people’s sessions. I’d get a call—‘T-Pain’s in the studio, come down now!’ That Ne-Yo remix of ‘She Got Her Own,’ we really just gangstered that session. That’s been the fun part of it.”

The album features an astonishing list of guest stars, truly the biggest names in urban music—Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, T-Pain, T.I. (who spices up the album’s first single, “Just Like Me”), plus production by such hit machines as Tricky and The Dream, Timbaland, and Just Blaze. “We were trying to be like the Yankees, trying to get the best,” says Foxx.

Unifying all those different flavors is Foxx’s full, supple voice, which he pushes into new territory. His primary personal goal for Intuition, he says, was attaining a new level of vocal diversity.

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