Lincoln 3dot

About Lincoln 3dot

Lincoln Steve Richardson born (July 14, 1987) and raised in Hermitage Kingston 7 Jamaica. In 2004 at age 17 he moved and is currently residing in Brooklyn NY. After a few years living in the U.S. and accustomed to hanging out with friends and family at parties and other social events his talent was brought to recognition by his competitive persona during one particular summer while he was at a party with friends the Disc Jockey dropped a beat and he and his friends began to freestyle and his friend “Dweebz” was so much better than him that when he went home he felt like he had to make a ‘come-back’ and then and there he opted to do music at a time when he was at a cross road in his career path. After that the rest was history as he began to embark on his journey to the pinnacle of the genre.

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