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Alborosie Official Page

The first Italian reggae artist to be internationally recognised, Alberto D’ Ascola (aka Alborosie) was born in Sicily in 1977.He formed his first band “Reggae National Tickets” in 1992 and they quickly reached success selling more than 200,000 records.They were the first Italian band to play at Sunsplash and Sumfest in Jamaica in the [more]

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Judy Torres

Meeting Judy Torres in person is an experience that’s calming, soothing and ultimately uplifting. Of course, in her music, she always delivers the heat and passion straight to your soul, but face-to-face, it’s a different type of emotion she conveys. It’s still the same fiery, heartfelt connection, just channeled in a more embracing and [more]

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George Lamond

Bagmusic is a music imprint established by the joint collaboration of dance/pop producers and recording artist George Lamond. [more]

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From early age Moti used to be a music addict looking always for the most cutting age music. Wondering around the streets of Tel Aviv all day from one record store to the other. Moti started to DJ at 1987 at the mythic Penguin club of Tel Aviv, playing Punk and Industrial music. At 1988 started to listen Acid House music, a music that became known [more]

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