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Best Places in the World to See New Year's Eve Fireworks

by Justin Zipprich

There are many great things to look forward to on New Year’s Eve. There’s the awesome parties, the time with family and friends, and of course, there are the fireworks.

What’s not to love? They’re bright, loud, and they are used around the world to signify that something grand has taken place. The fact that fireworks are a global sensation means that you can go anywhere on Earth to see a spectacular show.

Let’s kick New Year’s off with a literal bang with the best places in the world to see NYE fireworks.

London, England

Fireworks on the Thames


One of the world’s most widely talked about New Year’s Eve celebrations occurs each New Year’s Eve in London, England. The city has become famous for this display and every year thousands of people watch from across the Thames River as unimaginably beautiful and colossal fireworks explode in front of famous landmarks including Big Ben and the London Eye.

See a preview here, but beware, it is nothing compared to the real thing!

The whole display is a gorgeously coordinated affair as pulses of light explode at the twelve strokes Big Ben creates at midnight. As a cherry on the cake, guests can look to the famous London Eye, where the legendary wheel creates swirling fireworks, all to the backdrop of incredible British rock music.


If you want to get the best seat in the house, you will have to purchase tickets for £10 each, but it’s a small price to pay to see one of the most impressive displays in Europe. Stop by the London Embassy website for tickets.

The World’s Biggest Fireworks Display

The Archipelago of Madeira in Portugal


It was 2006 when the community of Madeira received the honor of having the biggest fireworks display in the world, and they continue this tradition to this day.

What makes this spectacle so magnificent? It starts with the literally tons of fireworks being launched from over 35 stations all across the nation. Then there is the beauty of the landscape mixed with the slew of perfect places to sit and enjoy the show.

One of the best spots to watch from is Belmond Reid’s Palace, an iconic hotel where you can get a waterside view of the festivities while also indulging in delicious six-course dinners and enjoying live music and entertainment.

If you really want to get up close and personal, the tourism board recommends that you charter a boat and watch the fireworks from the sea!

You can see amazing footage of this epic show here.

W Hollywood Nightclub & Rooftop Lounge

Fireworks in Hollywood


It is no surprise that American’s love fireworks, but some cities really kick it up a notch on New Year’s Eve. One of these cities is Hollywood and the place to be is the W. Hollywood Nightclub and Rooftop Lounge.

Located in the heart of Tinseltown, this epic venue gives you a full panoramic view of Hollywood’s amazing fireworks displays. New Year’s Eve is a big deal in Los Angeles, so there are massive fireworks displays all over the country, including those at the Hollywood Bowl and Universal CityWalk.

Seeing all these bursting colors and gargantuan displays all around you is seriously a moment you may never forget.

The best thing about going to the W. Hollywood Nightclub is the fact that it is, well, a nightclub! The venue is famous for its fabulous parties, world renown DJs, wet and wild pool lounge, and so much more.

This is the place to see awe-inspiring fireworks displays in Los Angeles.

Sydney, Australia

A Fireworks Show for Everyone


If you want to witness one of the most famous New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world, pack up the family and make your way to Sydney, Australia. The final party of 2016 is set to be an event to remember, and the government of Sydney has no plans to disappoint.

The city hosts not one but two magnificent fireworks displays. The first display sets off at 9:00 with gorgeous blasts of color launched by four massive barges next to the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. This presentation lasts eight minutes long and is a great sight for the entire family.

Once the little ones nod off and the clock strikes midnight, the show multiplies in magnificence as guests and residents enjoy an astonishing 12-minute display that dwarfs the first with unbelievable fireworks launched from seven barges along with firing points of the Harbour Bridge and the famous Sydney Opera House. It is a display like most have never seen.

In between these two shows, enjoy the Harbour of Light Parade, a dreamlike presentation of spectacular vessels decorated with colorful rope light and bright lights which reflect off of the water in a dramatic fashion.

Whether you are a resident of the area or you are looking to take an epic vacation, you can’t do much better than NYE in the land down under.

Hong Kong

Watch the Fireworks Along the Avenue of Stars


Sometimes known as a second cousin to the famous fireworks spectacle seen every year in New York’s Times Square, Hong Kong’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are gorgeous displays of the holiday done right.

Every year, the celebration starts at Hong Kong’s Times Square shopping mall where guests get to witness a replica of the famous ball drop of New York fame. That is just the prequel before beautiful firework displays light up the gorgeous Hong Kong skyline.

There are several great viewing areas in the city. For a real thrill, hop aboard a boat and watch from the majestic Victoria Harbour.

You can also watch from the Avenue of Stars. Located in the Tsim Tsa Shui district, this area is similar to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, but with homages to Hong Kong’s famous film stars. Any place along this strip gives you a front row seat to the fantastic fireworks show.

The displays include bright and eye catching light displays across the skyline before a brilliant finale that features a pyrotechnic dragon that prances across the sky. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Las Vegas

A Light Show on the Strip


It should be no surprise that the biggest party city in the world would host a grand New Year’s Eve extravaganza, and of course, the fireworks are the cherry on the cake.

In general, one of the best places to be in the world during New Year’s Eve is Las Vegas, but you have your pick of a handful of hotspots to choose from, and they all host spectacular fireworks displays.

There are several viewing spots that basically put you right up there with the fireworks. The Stratosphere is a beautiful tower famous for its parties, awesome dining, and a vast viewing area that puts you at the very top of the world with 360-degree views of the NYE spectacle.

The Highroller is an adventure in itself. A huge Ferris wheel that towers over 500 feet in the air, this attraction is a thrill to ride on any day, but it is particularly magnificent riding at the top of the arc when the fireworks start firing. Talk about epic!

If you don’t want to attach yourself to one single location, then you can enjoy the fireworks displays from right there on the strip. That’s because every year, seven different casinos along the strip host their own displays, so whether you are at Caesar’s Palace, The Venetian or even Planet Hollywood where they host the world-famous Bottomless New Year’s Eve at KOI Ultra Lounge, all you have to do is look up and enjoy the magic.

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