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by Carolina Galli


Boombox Saints started out as a live band, testing the waters with a variety of sounds while going through their musical evolution. Honing in on their collaborative passions, in 2008, the group found their groove – a contemporary R&B, Golden Era Hip Hop mix with a Pop Culture zest. Consisting of two devilishly charismatic MCs, and a seductive smooth Vocalist, these multi-talented artists provide a searing new sound for the Urban Music community. Get to know Adlib, Freeky P, and Huggy Fresh as they talk to clubZone about what life is all about as a Boombox Saint.


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First off, for those that might not know what the Boombox Saints are all about. How would you describe your sound? What do you each bring to the music that makes it so unique?!
ADLIB: Three of us are all different and have different influences; our sound is like the perfect example of our generation, a fusion all those influences. Growing up we didn’t listen to just one type, genre, etc of music, so it shows in the type of music we put out. It is still heavily rooted in hip hop and rnb but I feel it has accents of a lot of things. Then when you have three versions of that put together, you have us. That’s why we’re unique, and it somehow works.
Your track “Star”, starts out saying “Mamma, always told me I’m gonna be a star”. Did you always know you wanted to be artists from a young age?

FREEKY P: As a kid, I used to doodle on the walls. Just random stuff mostly. I inherited my mother’s love of performance. She put me and my cousins in variety shows and festivals, choreographing dances and lip synching to Grease. She never told me I was going to be a star, she just raised me to become a star.

If you could perform with any artist (dead or alive), who would your dream collaboration be with?

HUGGY FRESH: Personally I’d have to say Camp-Lo in their “97 uptown Saturday night era” just because the style they carried, both musically and visually was something that no artists was doing at the time.  They were paying homage to the 70’s era and had a unique way of word play and song creation that really caught my interest, pretty much influencing the type of persona I carry.
Boombox Saints TV is such a great way to connect to your fans! How did this come about?

FREEKY P: [Our managers] Mike and Lex. That’s their shit. We just show up. It’s a good way to show our fans what our lives our like outside of music, though everyone should remember that sometimes the camera makes us very self aware and changes our natural habits. Let’s just say, the best stuff is all off camera. I think I’m going to start hiding the camera.

On the latest episode we saw Adlib relaxing on the beach in the Phillipeans, lucky guy! How else do you guys relax and spend your down time when you’re not working on your music?

Watching Jersey Shore!! Haha

Boombox Saints were recently featured on Much Music’s “What’s New & Hot”. That’s really exciting! How did you guys celebrate and what do you have coming up that’s “New & Hot”?!

HUGGY FRESH: It was an incredibly surprising feeling, we feel truly blessed to be recognized on such a platform!  I don’t think we really celebrated, probably because we’re constantly workin’ on more projects and know that we’ve still got a ways to go to get to where we ultimately want to be in our career in music.  Things comin’ up that’s “new & hot”…well, you gotta stay tuned into BBS TV and Join our Facebook group to see what we’ve got cookin’ haha but I promise you, you definitely want to stay tuned!


Favorite club to party at?  HUGGY FRESH: Venue Nightclub

Favorite thing about performing?  FREEKY P: Being able to create positive energy
Track you’re most proud of?  HUGGY FRESH: For me its “Flip It” and “She Got” because it shows our versatility from one subject to another

Favorite Artist?  FREEKY P: Lupe Fiasco.

Do you have any superstitions or lucky charms? HUGGY FRESH: I don’t have either, just trust and faith…in my team!

What’s on your playlist?  HUGGY FRESH:

Right now I’ve been listening to XV, Jon Connor and Mickey Factz.




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