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by Carolina Galli

2011 has been a huge year for Hardwell, after his number #1 smash with Tiesto Zero 76, and an upcoming 11 gig tour with the man himself, the Dutch talent will return with the much anticipated track Encoded. As exciting as that is, Hardwell has a lot of other things to be happy about. With a new radio show, Hardwell On Air, a gig playing at Sensation in Prague and a sure to be huge hit coming out in April, clubZone was definitely excited to get a change to ask him about his big year. Check out what Hardwell had to say and more…


For those of our readers who may be unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get started?

I’m Robbert Hardwell, 23 years old, born and raised in Holland, a DJ, Producer and label owner, producing music since I was 6 years old, signed my first record deal when I was 14 years old and nowadays traveling around the world and sharing my passion for music.

You’ve recently teamed up with Tiesto – and have proven to be quite the duo! Your hit Zero76 was #1 on Beatport’s overall chart and you’ll soon be heading out on tour together. Why do you think you two have worked so well together?

It was such a honour to work with “the greatest dj of all time”. I think we both have the same vision on dance music. We’re having a lot of fun in the studio and that’s the most important thing if you ask me.

What do you think people would be surprised to know about Tiesto? What about yourself – anything your fans might be surprised to hear?


Tiesto is like a big brother to me!

2011 is turning into a huge year for you – heading out on a huge tour, playing at Sensation in Prague, a new Radio Show “Hardwell On Air”, huge hits and a new song coming out. What are you most excited about?

It’s a crazy year already! I’m really looking forward to all the amazing gigs I’m gonna play this year. I’m playing on festivals like Sensation which is a dream for every DJ. And of course I’m really excited about all my new tracks, can’t wait to share them with the world!

Your upcoming tour sounds like a travelers dream – Amsterdam, Bulgaria, New York, Netherlands, Portugal, Rome, Toronto, Quebec, and Vancouver just to name a few! Where are you most excited to travel to?!

I love every city in a particular way, but if I’ve to choose one, it would be Miami!

Anywhere you haven’t been that you’d like to tour?


I would love to play in Brazil.

Your new single Encoded is set to be released soon – I’ve been listening to the teaser on your website and it sounds amazing!! What was your inspiration behind it?


The track is gonna be released the 18th of April on my label Revealed Recordings. There’s gonna be a Dada Life remix too which is pretty awesome if you ask me! Sometimes I’m working on a track for months to find the right sounds and the right arrangement, but Encoded was totally different. I made it in 2 days, the whole idea for the track came out of no where.

How do you approach remixing or creating a new song?


I’m currently working on remixes for Kelly Rowland, Martin Solveig, Dada Life and a lot of original material and of course some new stuff with Tiesto!

What else do we have to look forward to from Hardwell?


My track “Encoded” for sure and keep and eye on my facebook page:  because I’m gonna upload there the latest stuff!

Lighting Round…

What’s your favorite club to play?
There are so many good clubs, It’s hard to choose one! You can’t compare them witch each other!

Who is the craziest artist to play a show with?
Definitely Tiesto haha, that’s so much fun!

You’re on the road a lot. What’s your favorite time of year to be at home?

Track you’re most proud of?
“Display” was the first track which got picked up by Major DJ’s and was a real turning point in my career.

Favorite DJ?
Laidback Luke.

Favorite Band?
The Prodigy.

What’s the most embarrassing track you have on your iPod?
Music is not embarrassing! I’m listening Adele to Eminem, Linking Park to Rihanna.

Do you have any superstitions or lucky charms?
Actually no, just do what you love to do and believe in yourself!

What’s on your rider?
My ride is quite boring, water, redbull and some technical stuff.

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