clubZone Inteviews Cosmic Gate

by Carolina Galli

Cosmic Gate is one of today’s main forces in electro/house music from DJing to producing. They have performed all over the world with an upcoming show in Victoria, BC. The boys from Cosmic Gate answer a few of our burning questions.

1. You come to B.C often. What’s your favorite part about performing here?

We always love coming to B.C.. The parties are actually always amazing, the country is beautiful and the people are nice! What more could we wish for!?

2. Why have you decided to make Back2Back an on-going series of volumes instead of just ‘one-off’ records?

Instead of mixing different brands for various record companies, we always wanted to have our own Brand/mix series, to introduce the sound we play as DJs in an ongoing format.
If you listen to them, you can see how we developed as DJs and producers throught the past years and we really like that idea.

3. How would you describe your live performance to someone who has never seen you guys before?

We are very interacting DJs. We clap and cheer with the crowd, we are dancing ourselves, have the hands in the air. We wanna have a good time together with the crowd, and the best nights are always, when there is a give and take between DJ and the crowd, positive energy that floats from one to the other side and back and seems to get bigger and bigger during the night!

4. What makes you feel or inspires you to be creative?

Of course mainly music inspires a musician, but on top we think that the whole life we live is inspiration for what we do, all the travelling, people we meet, new cities and countries we visit, all this finds its reflection in the music we do!

5. How has your live performance evolved over the last 10 years of being together musically?

Actually the only big change is, that we started playing vinyl back in the years, and now since 5 years play CD.Musically we always try to play the music, that’s in our opinion the best out there atm, mixed with a lot of our current, but also classic Cosmic Gate trax. So this might be another difference, meanwhile we have so many of own trax and remixes we can choose from during our dj sets, what we of course didn’t have, when we started
10 years ago.

6. Trance, electronic and house music seems to be getting more ‘top 40’ radio play now than ever. What are your feelings on that?

In general every electronic dance track to be played in the radio is good for the scene, because it might infect more people with the virus to like edm. 🙂

7. If you could collaborate with any artist out there right now, who would it be and why?

Hm, maybe to work with the Singer from the "Kings of Leon" would be awesome, he’s got a crazy good voice, could be a nice collab 4 sure!

8. Do you feel like you will always be making music for a career or do you have a plan B?


In the music business you never know how things develope. For us its more than a 40 hours job, we hope to go on for much longer, as we love what we do. We made our beloved hobby to our profession, not many people are as lucky and can say this from their job.

9. What music are you personally listening to right now? Any new up and comers?


Honestly as we DJ a lot atm and spend all free time in the studio, working on new productions and listening to new promos we get every week from DJs and record labels, we do not listen to a lot of music in our private live. Good to enjoy the silence sometimes. 🙂 But if we do, we like chilly house music and progressive trance, or just listen to the national radio, to hear latest pop and rock sounds.


10. Anything else new?


Yes, end of June we are looking forward to release 6th single from the album “Sign Of The Times”.It’s called “London Rain” and will include remixes by Stoneface & Terminal, Luke Shipstad and also a new  Mix from ourselves. AND because of the IDMA and Beatport Nominations – Again a big THANK YOU! to all of you, who supported Us by these votings!! We really appreciate that support!! – we decided to release for our fans a Deluxe Edition
of our latest album “Sign Of The Times”. That Deluxe Edition will include additionally all the phantastic remixes of the singles, e.g. the ones from Markus Schulz, Kyau & Albert and Myon & Shane 54 to mention just a few. And some brandnew, unreleased remixes from some new talents, whom productions we really enjoy atm.We think, it’s a great package for our fans, a collection of more than 2.5 hours of Cosmic Gate Music! Watch out for it – coming mid July!

Cosmic Gate will be in Victoria, BC on Thursday, June 3rd. CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.

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