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Coachella Presents The World's Worst T-Shirt

by Steven Mike Voser

Published Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dear readers, may I present to you… The world’s worst t-shirt:

Worst t-shirt ever spotted at coachella

Where it comes from is still a mystery, but this fine specimen of human shit was spotted wearing it at Coachella on April 11th, and his photo has since gone wild all over the internet.

The slogan first made its world premiere roughly one year ago when Twitter user AmanSKhera tweeted an image of Bollywood actor Ranjeet along with the text “Eat. Sleep. Rape. Repeat – Ranjeet style ;).” According to Refinery29, the actor has filmed over 350 rape scenes. Good for him.

Worst t-shirt ever spotted at coachella

Now, I have been fighting with my keyboard for a while, wondering what more there is to possibly say about this picture. And really, this is the best I can come up with, because I like to think that it doesn’t need much more of an explanation (at least not to those of us who choose to attend music festivals WITHOUT sporting a t-shirt like that).

There is something very inherently and obviously wrong with any member of society who thinks it is OK to poke fun at rape. I get it; I like to be funny, and I don’t at all consider myself easy to offend, but there is a line about the jokes we crack, and I think Refinery29 said it well when they wrote “There’s a line somewhere, though, and this guy is approximately a million miles over it.”

I’d like to go a bit further, and say that this d*ckhead is too blind to even see it, probably due to his gay-ass shades.

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Originally from Switzerland, I moved to Australia when I was eight years old. I have been living abroad for roughly two years now across Southeast Asia and South America, working as a full-time writer and part-time musician.

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