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Entertainment District to Award Partiers with Medals of Their Own During Pan Am Games

by David Levy

Toronto entertainment district gold medal

Toronto entertainment district gold medal

Though the forthcoming Pan Am games remain in danger of ending up a tourist letdown, for Toronto entertainment and nightlife patrons, a new incentive has emerged for them to take part in the gaming festivities, or at the very least, not flee from the city for their duration.

The Toronto Entertainment District Business Improvement Area, or TOED BIA, has announced plans to issue their own specially minted medallions to patrons casually enjoying the entertainment district’s amenities. From July 10 – 19, 600 gold medals will be given out to civilians demonstrating unique feats of nightlife athleticism. For example, a couple enjoying a particularly long outdoor meal at an entertainment district restaurant is liable to be awarded the “Marathon lunch” medal, while those heading into the streets during an intense period of rainfall can expect to receive the “Vertical Swimming” gold.

streetcar passes through entertainment district

Photo courtesy of Layron History

Best of all, or worst of all if you happen to be the bashful type, there is no need to explicitly enter yourself into competition, as a specially assembled team of TOED BIA representatives will be actively purveying the area in search of potential winners.

Beyond merely presenting the awards face to face, impromptu award ceremonies will be conducted for medal winners to publicly bask in their unsolicited glory. Photos and videos of the ceremonies will be subsequently uploaded to social media for winners to savour and share their accomplishments with friends and family members.

the fifth pubhouse in the entertainmnt district

Photo courtesy of the fifth pubhouse

As an added bonus, all medal winners will be awarded a special card which will provide them with exclusive online offers from local business establishments.

“We are very excited to connect with our customers and to let them know that they are all gold medal winners for visiting the District,” says Janice Solomon, Executive Director, of the Toronto Entertainment District Business Improvement Area.
night time shot of entertainment district
Though the medals themselves aren’t likely to maintain any material value, they will no doubt serve as a rare and unique trinket of Toronto city memorabilia.

Let the games begin!

For more information on The Toronto Entertainment District Business Improvement Area and its services you can visit their official website here.

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