Fatboy Slim Gives Brazil World Cup A Proper Soundtrack

Published on June 11, 2014 by staff


With the 2014 FIFA World Cup kick-off less than 24 hours away, it’s time to choose the appropriate soundtrack. By now, you must have heard the official anthem – the unfortunate collaboration between J-Lo, Pitbull and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte ‘We Are One (Ole Ola)’. The song has disappointed many, who claim it has a very generic sound and lack of Brazilian soul.

FIFA’s general secretary Jerome Valcke was specially outspoken about the inclusion of Claudia Leitte in the song, even though she only sings a couple of lines in the end of it. “In my many visits to this country I’ve seen and heard a lot about the great Brazilian music tradition and it gives me great pleasure to see a Brazilian artist at the heart of the song,” he said in January, during the official announcement.

We’re not convinced.

In case you’re one of those who are not very happy with this anthem, Fatboy Slim has come to save the day. The Brit has done his homework and curated a compilation in honor of the event with much more personality. “Given my love of Brazilian music, parties and football it is no surprise that with World Cup happening this year I want to share that love by providing a soundtrack for the summer, based on Brazilian music!”, claimed the artist.

Fatboy Slim Presents “Bem Brasil”, roughly translated as ‘Very Brazil’, gathers exclusive new productions plus remixes and edits from the likes of Nervo, Felguk and John Digweed. The artists work on some classic Brazilian songs from iconic Brazilian artists such as Gilberto Gil, Elis Regina and João Bosco, giving them a electronic touch.

“I believe Elis Regina is back to life in this remix. Her singing is so emotional. It was a lot of work because we couldn’t get some acapellas, but still, it was the best voice of them all”, Fatboy Slim told a Brazilian publication.

You can grab Fatboy Slim Presents ‘Bem Brasil’ album HERE and see for yourself who did a better job portraying Brazil.

Carolina Galli