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Halloween Weather Forecast: Las Vegas

by Anne Cousins

las vegas halloween weather

Are you ready for one raunchy Halloween weekend in Las Vegas? In just a day or so you’ll be able to step out onto the Strip in your best costume to date and take the town over. What’s the weather going to be like though? Will a rain cloud ruin your Halloween night, forcing you to crouch under patio awnings and clutch an umbrella? Luckily, it’s not looking like it:

las vegas halloween weather

The weather forecast for Las Vegas this Halloween weekend is actually looking pretty great. Friday will be a little breezy, so watch those short skirts ladies. Then for Saturday you have higher temperatures and sun, so you may want to bring a little extra setting powder in case your look starts to melt. Sunday is supposed to be perfect Vegas weather too, making the weather outlook this weekend one of the best in the country! As of right now, it doesn’t look like anyone is planning to rain on your parade.

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