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Halloween Weather Forecast: Vancouver

by David Levy

vancouver halloween weather

Hallow’s Eve weekend is upon us, and for those planning on enjoying their weekend of terror in Vancouver, make sure to dress accordingly! Granting the city climatologists are competent and not pulling some sort of mischievous Halloween prank, The image below sums up the weather you should be anticipating. 

vancouver halloween weather

It’s going to be a rainy weekend, but that’s nothing new for Vancouverites! A typical Pacific Northwest October climate. If you’re living in the Vancouver area you’re no stranger to this type of climate and you no doubt know how to dress accordingly. For out of towners looking to celebrate Halloween in the city, there’s no urgent need to compromise your costume, though it might be a good idea to bring along an extra layer as well as an umbrella. 

Still not sure how to spend your Halloween in Van City? Check out the clubZone Vancouver Halloween event listings here.


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