How to get a DJ gig

Published on January 20, 2014 by staff

Author: Cory J
How to Get a DJ Gig
So your New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to go from bedroom dj’ing to headlining the top clubs and parties around the world? We know it can seem like a pretty daunting task. Luckily for you our clubZone industry experts have compiled a surefire, step by step guide that will show you how to get dj gigs and start your road to superstardom today!   


Step 1 – Image is Everything

No one’s going to book you if you don’t look good. Good thing that modern cameras and Photoshop make it easy for almost anyone to get professional promo photos done. Don’t have a camera yourself? Not to worry! You can always convince a photographer friend to take the pictures for you, they’ll be happy to work for free in exchange for future cuts of your royalties. 
When getting your photos done remember the three golden rules of dj promo photography:
  • Never stare at the camera, always up and to the left
  • Position yourself in front of an epic landscape (if you can’t find one a brick wall is equally acceptable)
  • Wear your headphones, this will make you seem avant-garde



(Looking down and right is acceptable too, headphones just out of frame)


Step 2 – Make Friends
Befriending promoters and other djs is your best shot at getting a dj gig. This is best done by finding a night to play at then becoming a regular. Show up early, buy lots of drinks, and stay until the end of the night; wash, rinse, repeat until the promoter starts noticing you.


Pro tip! Your lazy, image conscious friends will usually not want to head down to the clubs early with you.  Use this alone time to network!  Lurk around the dj booth and scream at the dj every time they play a song that you own (be sure to tell them about the remix that you got from your friend in England that blows their version out of the water).  Find the promoter and ask them to add you as a friend on Facebook (once added, message them with your promo photos so they can see that you fit the image of their night). 
Once a promoter knows your face (promo shots) and knows that you can dj (only other djs are cool enough lurk around the dj booth) they may begin to consider you as potential candidate to dj. 
Step 3 – Play for Free

Promoters are money hungry ego-maniacs with hearts as black as coal. Fortunately you can appeal to these overlords of the nightlife scene by talking cold hard cash, or in this case, lack of. Appeal to the promoter’s business side by offering to play an opening slot for free. Sweeten the deal by proclaiming that you have a massive following and will bring down 50 paid covers for a 9pm slot. Once the promoter accepts your offer spend the next week feverishly spamming everyone on your social network list to get them to attend your night. 

judge jules
(Congratulations, you’re a dj!)
Be a Girl

Girls, the steps that you must follow to get a dj gig are slightly different.  Fast track your DJ career by following step 1 (image is everything) but, substitute tight clothing or a bikini in place of the brick wall/landscape… make sure that you wear your headphones, this is critical!  Once you have photoshopped your photos make them your Facebook profile pictures. Then simply sit back and watch gig requests flood your wall and inbox! 


(Congratulations you’re a dj!)