Man Beaten Nearly to Death by Bouncer Wins $5 Million from Cameo Nightclub

by Anne Cousins

youness adlan

Cameo Nightclub was a well known South Florida nightlife spot where plenty of people have had a rough night or two. Last New Year’s Eve one man’s night took a violent turn when he was beaten into a coma by one of the club’s bouncers, apparently for no reason.

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The victim, a 22 year old Moroccan student named Youness Adlan, woke up three months later at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Nine months after the incident, he is still re-learning how to walk and talk. His father describes the situation as “terrible” saying, “I hope that nobody, nobody, nobody, will be in this situation.”

Early this morning attorneys involved with the civil case against Cameo Nightclub and its operators, the Opium Group, confirmed that the club will be paying Adlan five million USD to settle the case.

cody quaife

Cody Quaife (Photo from Miami Beach Police)

The criminal case against Cody Quaife, the bouncer who attacked Adlan, is still pending. Quaife stands at 6’4″, weighs 265 lbs, and is 34 years-old. Security footage that was recently released shows Quaife walking on screen smoking a cigarette, pulling another patron out of a door, and then, a little under a minute later, slugging Adlan slightly off-screen. Multiple eye witnesses have confirmed that Adlan posed no threat to the bouncer, and that the attack seemed to come out of nowhere.

Even worse than the attack itself, Quaife knew he knocked Adlan out and left him laying on the ground without any medical assistance. It would be hours before anyone would find him, and he very easily could have died.

youness adlan

Adlan Was in a Coma for 3 Months (Family Photo from CBS)

Adlan still can’t cook, bathe, or go to the bathroom by himself. Quaife is still awaiting trial on criminal charges.

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