Midweek Music Moment featuring The Bloody Beetroots

by Carolina Galli

 This week for the Midweek Music Moment we take a look at the Italian electro house and dance-punk music project that is The Bloody Beetroots. The project actually has three different forms, The Bloody Beetroots, The Bloody Beetroots DJ Set, and The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77. The Bloody Beetroots in its simplest form is just producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo but the when he does the DJ Set he is joined by Tommy Tea. When the Death Crew 77 comes together they add Edward Grinch and Dennis Lyxzén.

The project’s songs have been included in several video games like FIFA ‘09 and Saints Row. The DJ set had large success touring and then came the idea to add a live drummer (Grinch) and later on vocals (Lyxzén) along with guest star Tommy Lee on a couple of songs.

The Bloody Beetroots is a high energy, hard hitting group to see live and has a variety of styles they can play. One of the best ways to see them live is at different music festivals where they are sure to get the whole crowd jumping. You could say that they are like the Metallica of electronic music right now! Do you think you could hang with Bloody Beetroots?

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