Montreal 18+

Published on December 13, 2013 by Carolina Galli


Age 18 is that special time in a young person’s life when everything seems possible and your liver is still functioning. To enjoy those few fleeting years to the fullest, one need only make a trip to Montreal on New Years Eve, when the clubs and more seasoned partygoers welcome the newest crop of legal drinkers into their midst. If New Years Eve 2015 is your first time experiencing the club scene, make sure it’s unforgettable! Read on to learn more about some of the bars and clubs in Montreal that are serving up a great time for the 18+ crowd this New Years Eve.

They say college is a 4-year party with the largest cover you’ll ever pay. If that applies to you, then finding the NYE parties with the best deals is important. Luckily, Montreal’s clubs have tons of great options for ringing in the New Year on a student-size budget. For example, the Montreal NYE Club Crawl 2015 is perfect for savvy college students seeking big party fun at an affordable rate. Multiple party buses take partygoers to 4 of the most exclusive nightclubs in Montreal. The best part though, is that participating students pay no cover charges at any of the visited bars. Instead, students enjoy meeting young people from across Canada, entering in contests, winning prizes, and basically, just having the time of their lives. Another bonus: your parents will feel better knowing you’re participating in a “student activity.”

Looking to hit your first New Years in Montreal hard? Nobody is throwing a wilder party than the club Le CinQ this year. An all inclusive New Years Eve party, this venue will feature 4 completely stocked open bars, 3 world renown DJs, circus performers, hot body painted models, shooter girls, and much, much more! It is going to be one of the hottest, most extreme parties in all of Montreal and is guaranteed to leave you with life-long memories of an over-the-top night spent dancing with new and old friends alike.

It’s cliché, but you’re only young once. Make your first mark on the New Years scene one for the ages. To start your adventure, simply scroll down to learn about all the 18+ celebrations happening in Montreal this year. Like signing up for classes though, act quickly, because these parties will sell out fast.