People are peeing on walls in Hamburg...and the walls are peeing back!

by Sam Harrison

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Hamburg’s party district St. Pauli attracts over twenty million tourists every year. This creates a bit of a problem.

drunk guy peeing

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You guessed it; there’s lots and lots of men peeing in the street. Which of course pisses of the locals (get it?)

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So they’ve come up with a creative and hilarious solution: peeing back.

peeing back

The Hamburg locals (Hamburgers?) have started coating some of the city’s walls with water repellent paint. Now, anyone urinating against a paint coated wall with get a nasty surprise:

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And the best part? Not all water-repellent coated walls have signs, so there’s no use looking for an unprotected wall. Urinaters beware! It’s pee back time.

You can see the original video here:

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