Robbie Rivera talks with clubZone

by Carolina Galli

Clubzone: Let’s talk a bit about your full length studio album “Closer to the Sun” (Ultra/Black Hole). It’s set for release on the 3rd of November. How long did you work on this album for? How did you come up with the name? Also, you’ve traditionally been known for your underground music, why the switch into something more radio friendly for this album?
Robbie Rivera: Well, I started in the summer of 2008 and I finished in summer 2009. Because the single is titled “Closer To The Sun” and that’s my favorite track of the album, we thought it would make a great title. I didn’t switch my style. [Rivera’s classic track] “Float Away” is radio-friendly, and I often do house music containing vocals. I’ve always done this.
Clubzone: Your first two singles from this album are “Closer to the Sun” and the hip-house tune of “Let me Sip my Drink.” What were your concepts behind the two?
Rivera: “Closer To The Sun” is my good side, you could say, and “Let Me Sip My Drink” is my bad side. [laughs] Sometimes, I feel like doing a happy, melodic tune, and that’s “Closer To The Sun.” Other times, I want to do something [in a mock British accent] naugh’y for the clubs, which is “Let Me Sip My Drink.”
Clubzone: I know the video for “Closer to the Sun” was shot on your birthday at Ibiza. Why there and why on your birthday? A little present to yourself?
Rivera: It was shot on Ibiza because I live there during the summers and it’s the perfect location to shoot a video because of the beautiful beaches and beautiful hills…the video was originally going to be shot in Puerto Rico, but we moved it to Ibiza. 

(Closer to the Sun)
Clubzone: Following the release of “Closer to the Sun,” you’re embarking on a tour across Europe, as well as South and North America. Is there one place that sticks out for you? Somewhere that you’ve never been or that you’re super excited to return?
Rivera: I have many places where I love playing. For example, I love playing in Miami [where I reside] after Ibiza, because the fans get really excited because I’ve been gone all summer. I also love Los Angeles because it’s full of different crowds of people, Mexican, Asian, totally different groups. I haven’t played Asia yet, but I’d love to play there, especially Tokyo.
Clubzone: I know WMC is still a fair bit away, but what do we have to look forward to this year from Juicy Beach?
Rivera: Actually, we’ve already started organizing the [Juicy Beach] event and we’re going to have a mixture of house, tech-house, minimal and progressive. I’m really, completely going in a different direction for WMC2010! I always bring the same talent every year; this year, it’s not going to be the same. A lot of DJs are playing exclusively for other parties, and a lot of DJs are also playing Ultra Music Festival and they’re not allowed to play elsewhere during WMC. But mainly, I want to bring in fresh talent…
Clubzone: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Rivera: Teleportation. So you wouldn’t have to take airplanes.
Clubzone: What is your favourite place in the world? To play, to live, to eat?
Rivera: Ibiza! Because I like to live there, I like to eat there, and I like to play there! I have a lot of local friends in Ibiza, too. I know the real Ibiza from people who grew up there, not just the seasonal tourists who go there on holiday. 

robbie rivera

Robbie Rivera’s Closer To The Sun (Ultra/Black Hole) is out now. For more infomation, check out:

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