Serge Devant Interview

by Carolina Galli

After the release of Serge Devant’s new album "The Wanderer" on June 9th 2009, clubZone had a chance to catch up with the rising star.

cZ: How hard was it to go from creating singles to producing a full length album?

Serge: Well it’s not that hard. As making an album really gives you the freedom of putting anything together. That is not limited to a " four on the floor " formula for the clubs. It’s sort of a creative freedom that’s very challenging yet very rewarding to a producer. When you can take the songs anywhere you want . In any style, shape or form. So no I didn’t find it very hard.


cZ: How long did your new album "The Wanderer" take to produce?

Serge: On and off about a year, id say. But there was way more off then on  , 🙂   if I really sat down probably take a bit faster.


cZ: What artists influenced you in making of the album?

Serge: Beloved, Depeche Mode, Seal , Killers, etc  


cZ: How did the name "The Wanderer" come about?

Serge: It was a journey making this album. Going in and out of genres, fusing things together. It was a journey looking for a certain sound. So I thought "Wanderer" would be a perfect name for it. As the album takes you in and out, in different directions, little back in time as well. I think it fits the album really well and the whole concept behind it.


cZ: What genre do you feel that your album fits into and why?

Serge: It’s an electronic music album,  I’d say.  It’s not really a house or trance album. Nor anything else. It’s just good songs that take you on the ride of pure  bliss. It’s hard to really narrow it down to a genre.


cZ: I saw that your "Addicted" track is #1 in Russia, how important is the success of your music outside North America?

Serge: It’s extremely important to me  to have my music be successful every where in the world . Whether its Russia, Asia, or Africa.  I want people all over the world to really connect to my music, that’s the reason I sit in the studio all night. So people all over the world can enjoy it. That’s the rewarding part of all the hard work when someone from Russia or France, send you a message and says they’re in love with your song. There’s nothing better than that.


cZ: What advice do you have for aspiring DJs trying to make it big?

Serge: Stay humble, make good music, be a good networker, don’t forget just having a good product isn’t enough, you have to know how to push it and market it. Try to meet as many people as possible and of course more importantly, make great music. 


cZ: What non-electronic music do you listen to?

Serge: MGMT, Cold Play, Depeche Mode,  Justice, Killers, Queen etc…


cZ: In your world travels, what is the worst meal that you ever had and where did you have it?

Serge: Chicken’s head and eyes soup  Kaoshing.  That was pretty gross. There might’ve been something worse. But that is what came to mind.


cZ: What are the top 3 events you have played at?

Serge: the Dragon Boat festival in Taiwan,  an outdoor festival in Russia, and some festivals in Brazil.

For more artist info go to Serge Devant’s artist profile on clubZone.

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