Ten Must Have Beer Accessories

by Carolina Galli

You can drink beer out of a boring red cup, or you can drink it the fun way with these 10 funny and amazing beer related products. Cheers!

1. Beer Ammo Belt

Always have a beer at hand with out the hassle of bending over!

2. Remote with Bottle Opener

Just when you thought the universal remote had everything, they made it even more awesome!

3. Beer Gummies

The taste of beer in pint size bites!

4. Inflatable Beer Pong

Just make sure you don’t use any glass bottles!

5. WineStein

Want beer and wine? Why choose? Use this versatile glass!

6. Beer Mohawk

A modern twist on the classic beer hat.

7. Port-a-Pint

Be green, stop using disposable cups with this portable alternative.

8. Beer Luge

Easier then lifting a cup, let the beer slide down the ice and into your mouth!

9. Dog Collar Bottle Opener

They do say that dogs are cleaner than people.

10. Bongzilla

Create a social circle with this multiple user beer bong.

Now go drink that beer before or at an awesome event! See what’s going on tonight at www.clubZone.com!


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