Ten of the Worlds Strangest Bars and Clubs

by Carolina Galli




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Think your favourite late night hot spot is unique? Take a look at these 10 crazy clubs and bars and think again!

Seriously – We’re Full! The Worlds Smallest Nightclub


The Miniscule of Sound bouncer isn’t lying when he says the club is at capacity. The Miniscule of Sound is the world’s smallest nightclub with an area of 1.2m by 2.4m (4ft by 8ft) and a capacity of 14 people, including a DJ. The club opened in 1998 in Hackney, London and is mobile, traveling to China, Japan, Spain and more.

No Drinking and Biking – Eco-Clubbing


‘All you have to do is dance to save the world’, is the slogan for Club4Climate, one of the worlds only eco-friendly nightclubs. Located in London, the nightclub requires party-goers to sign a pledge to help fight global warming and rewards patrons by waiving the cover charge provided that they walked or rode their bike to the club. Club4Climate encourages you to jump up and down and have fun as 60% of the clubs power is generated by the energy from the dance floor.

Pretty People Only


It takes a lot more then slipping the bouncer a twenty to get into Dallas, TX nightclub The Beautiful Room. In fact, it’s a rigorous process that includes a 30 minute phone interview and photo submissions to determine whether you are beautiful enough to attend the club. The Beautiful Room mastermind, Chris Martini, explained it this way, “When you go to a bar, maybe only 5 percent of the people in there are people you’d want to talk to. What if you could go to a place where everyone in there was that 5 percent?” Chris also emphasizes he is the least attractive member of the club.

Bar of Bones


Ever want to have a drink inside a giant, fossilized, prehistoric beast? Of course you have! That’s why Academy Award winning special effects artist, HR Giger (Alien movies), created The Museum Bar. The interior of the bar is covered in skeletal structures and bones that aim to tell the story of Jonah and the whale. So no it’s not your ass that’s bony, it’s just the bar stool you’re sitting on.

Go Vegan! Vegan Strip Club


Like your ‘meat on the pole, not on the plate?’ then head over to The Casa Diablo, the worlds first Vegan strip club. The joints menu features no meat dishes and the dancer’s dress code includes no leather, fur or snakeskin…because vegan options are really what strip club customers care about.

I Think I’m Lost – The Worlds Largest Nightclub


Located in Ibiza, Privilege is the world’s largest clubs with a capacity of 10,000 people. The club boasts one of the world’s biggest dance floors, a 25m high roof, multiple bars and a swimming pool. If you go, make sure you make a meeting spot with your friends as you’ll likely loose them. 

I’ll Get 2 Beers and an Apple Juice – Baby Friendly Club

Don’t worry about booking a babysitter if you want to go clubbing. Baby Loves Disco, created by professional dancer and mother Heather Montieth, transforms nightclubs into child proof discos complete with diaper changing stations and DJs. The events usually take place in the afternoon giving busy mums enough time to party and schedule bath time.

I Was So Drunk I Thought I Saw a Ghost – Haunted Nightclub


What’s scarier the bumping into your crazy ex at the club and ending the night puking up tequila? How about bumping into a headless ghost or ending your night with a six hour exorcism? That is what certain patrons claim have happened to them at Bobby Mackey’s Music World. The nightclub located in Wilder, Kentucky was originally used as a slaughterhouse in the early 1800s and there are many urban legends surrounding the club about alleged murders and suicides.

It’s Okay to Talk Down to the Waiter – Little Person Bar


You can get an ice cold beer handed to you by any server at any bar but at The Hobbit House in Manila in the Philippines, you can get one handed to you by a little person. That’s right; The Hobbit House is just your average bar aside from the fact that all the servers are little people. An odd concept for sure, but considering it’s been open for 20 + years it works!

Shrinkage! Chillout Ice Bar



No mini skirts permitted in this bar/lounge. Chillout is the Middle East’s first ice lounge where everything from the bar to the plates is made from ice. No needs to bring your own jacket though – for the $17 cover charge you get a parka rental, wool gloves, insulated shoes and a drink.

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