The Halloween Howler Club Crawl 2015 Takes Over Canada This Month

by Anne Cousins

halloween club crawl canada

Do you have your Halloween plans set? Since it’s one of the biggest party nights of the year, you know that all over Canada the bars will be full, the nightclubs will be hopping, and in the hotels the finely dressed will be clinking champagne flutes. Having a hard time narrowing down your options to just one place this year?

Well, you don’t have to. Come hop on one of Student Tours‘ many Halloween Howler Club Crawls instead! In cities all over Canada the company will be taking thousands of students, young professionals, and party people from all backgrounds to 4 of the hottest Halloween events in their city. Even better yet, the tickets are ridiculously cheap! It’s definitely the most bang for your buck this Halloween, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Read on for more info about Student Tours and their amazing club crawls, especially the Halloween Howler, which have kept hundreds of thousands of Canadians and international visitors in the center of the action for more than a decade.

The Life of the Party Since 1994

halloween club crawl canada

Photo from Student Tours

Student Tours is a name synonymous with fun-loving crowds, amazing parties and club crawls, and the largest nightlife network stretching across Canada. Founded in 1994 as an adventure tourism company, the company produces a variety of events targeted primarily at college and university students across Canada, but also open to anyone who loves to party.

Owned and operate by alumni who come from alma maters across the country, the modus operandi of Student Tours is to offer affordable, exciting, and inclusive events both on and off campus. Student Tours throws a variety of well known special events throughout the year, but are perhaps most popularly known for their club crawls.

The Stampede Club Crawl goes down every year during the Calgary Stampede, taking thousands of people over the years on the best party bus tour Calgary has to offer. They also have a New Year’s Eve Club Crawl in cities all over Canada that creates a mobile party experience to end the year on a high note. However, it’s probably the Halloween Howler Club Crawl that has given Student Tours their wickedly fun reputation.

What’s the Halloween Howler?

halloween club crawl

Image from Student Tours

The Halloween Howler 2015 is the most all-inclusive way to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday. It offers thousands of students and young professionals a unique opportunity to check out 4 of the best nightlife destinations in their chosen town for one massive and mobile Halloween party. One of the best parts of the Halloween Howler is that it will come to you. The crawl can be found on both Friday, October 30th and Saturday, October 31st in the following cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Kelowna, Kitchener/Waterloo, Lethbridge, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, and Winnipeg.

At only $20-30 per ticket, it’s one of the most affordable ways to spend Halloween anywhere. However, the lower price definitely doesn’t indicate low quality. Your ticket is your pass to the hottest Halloween parties in town, with no lines, dangerously delicious drink specials, party games, the craziest costumes you’ve ever seen, and much more. Your ticket also guarantees you party bus transportation between each stop, meaning you don’t have to worry about finding a designated driver, and the party can continue without pause all night long!

Where Can I Get Tickets?

We’re glad you asked! Tickets for the Halloween Howler Club Crawl 2015 on both October 30th and 31st in multiple cities across the country are available right here. Simply find your city and the night that works best for you, and buy your tickets before they’re all gone! There’s no better way to sample the best Halloween events in your city without emptying your wallet.

Now… for the most important part.

Have you figured our your costume yet?

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