Top 10 Fun Facts About the NYE Times Square Ball Drop

by Carolina Galli


Undeniably, the most famous aspect of the New Year’s Eve Times Square Celebrations is the 60 second ball-drop bonanza which takes place every year between 11.59pm and midnight.

For over 100 years, the ball drop has remained the focus of New Year’s excitement in New York, which is why the exclusive ticket opportunity with a guaranteed ball dropping view is THE 2013 Times Square New Year’s celebration you do not want to miss.

But how much do you really know about New York’s most famous and largest dropping ball?


The ball is 12 feet in diameter and weighs 11,875 pounds.


It’s covered with 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles.


The ball is illuminated by 32,256 individual light modules.


The triangles are bolted to 672 LED modules which rest on its relatively light aluminum frame.


The ball has the potential to generate more than 16 million vibrant colors and billions of patterns.


The first New Year’s Eve ball drop celebration atop One Times Square took place in 1907.

Old School Ball

The first ball was made of iron and wood, weighed over 700 pounds and illuminated the New York City sky with only 100 light bulbs… what a long way New Year’s in Times Square has come!


There have been seven versions of the New Year’s Eve ball… that’s not a bad number of balls!


The Big Ball atop One Times Square in New York, which sparkles delicately throughout the year, has been a fixed feature since 2008.


When the time comes, the ball is lowered 70 feet in sixty seconds!

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