Top 10 Global Clubs

by Carolina Galli

The World’s Best Nightclubs

10. Cocoon Club – Frankfurt, Germany


Frankfurt isn’t exactly the first city that comes to mind when discussing cutting-edge clubbing, but Sven Väth (Germany’s best-known DJ export) has launched the Cocoon Club and put it on the map. With a capacity of around 1,200, the club blends aesthetics with the desire for top-notch acoustics by integrating 360 degree honeycombed walls with an unparalleled sound system. The look, mood and energy of the entire club can be transformed in a split second to accompany the beat, bringing the feeling of getting lost in the music to a whole other level.
9. Guvernment – Toronto, Canada



With a capacity of 4000+, hydraulic light grids, and nine specialized rooms, the Guvernment hosts more parties than Paris Hilton. You want futuristic? Go to the Orange Room. Feel like something mystical? Try Tanja. Or just head up to the Skybar for a view of downtown Toronto that will leave you breathless.
8. Amnesia – Ibiza, Spain


Crowned Best Global Club by the IDMAs, when the ice cannon welcomes you with a shower of dry ice, you know that you’ve arrived. With Cream night and Foam parties’ bringin out the crowds and DJ line-ups that include Armin van Buuren, Amnesia has all its bases covered.
7.Mansion – Miami, USA



Miami’s newest super club, Mansion is located in the renovated art deco theatre at 1235 Washington Avenue, and offers three meticulously designed rooms of music as well as regular celebrity hosts. Owned and managed by the Opium Group, the venue has been packed since opening in March 2004, and shows no signs of slowing. The dress code and door policy is strict , and the velvet rope is out in force. Go well dressed and on the guestlist.
6. Guacara Taina (The Cave) – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



The Cave has the distinction of being one of the oldest club spaces in the entire world, if you consider that it is housed in a cave that was formed a few million years ago. From the street-level entrance, you’ll descend to the inner cave and the dance floor area for an unreal sight you won’t forget. Sixty feet below the earth’s surface, up to 3,000 club-goers can dance the night away on one of three dance floors set around the natural crevices and stalactites that make up the grotto atmosphere. Incredible light shows mesmerize in the hauntingly dark subterranean club, and the unique acoustics are perfect for pounding beats.


5. Womb– Tokyo, Japan



As would be expected of a Japanese club, Womb is technologically unparalleled and modern to the max. Considered the most beautiful club in Japan and often referred to as a space station, Womb features first class lights and sounds and a disco ball that’s 1.5m across.
4. Fabric – London, UK



Fabric is universally acknowledged as being the best at what it does because it simply focuses on the heart of club culture: the music. Fabric was also the first club in Europe to house what it calls a “bodysonic” dance floor: clubbers on the dance floor can literally shake it to the beat because parts of the floor are hooked up to 400 bass transducers that pump out the music being played, right into the dancing bodies via their feet. With 25000 square feet of room to get shook in a club in which “there’s never been so much as a dud DJ,” Fabric more than deserves a spot in this list.
3. Vertigo – Bangkok, Thailand



Perched 61 floors above the city on the roof of the sultry Banyan Tree Hotel, Vertigo and its Moon bar are tops for great views, less good for staying dry though, since it has no roof.
2. Cargo Bar– Sydney, Australia



A cool hedonistic waterfront location, Club Cargo offers a direct harbour access which adds a bustling atmosphere of the promenade. This highly acclaimed night venue satisfies casual dinning and drinks at daytime, and at night it transforms into one of Sydney’s hottest nightclub venues. The atmosphere is vibrant and airy and top DJs spin the latest music beats for the trendy crowd to dance to.
1. Privilege – Ibiza, Spain


Infamous for its 1980s history, when it was forced to shut down due to mafia and drug connections, Privilege is the largest club in Europe, if not the world. With three floors, a swimming pool, and 10,000 clubbers, it is truly a privilege to be there.

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