Top 10 Party Fouls

by Carolina Galli

Okay, so using the words ‘party foul’ is kind of a party foul. However, there are definitely some unspoken, universally understood rules out there of what constitutes as a party foul. Whether it’s letting the bodily functions fly or an accidental spill of a full beer, here is a list of 10 things NOT to do while partying. Unfortunately, you’ve likely witnessed all of these tragic party occurrences.

Passing out

What does it mean to party? To dance, to be energetic, to have fun – it’s hard to do this when you’re asleep at some random table while people draw Sharpie penises on your face. With alcohol – know your limit and stay within it otherwise you’ll ruin your night and whoever draws the short straw to take you home!

Throwing up

This no-no can be tamed as long as the projectile vomit is projected into the toilet! However, people always find a way to miss and get puke in the sink, the floor or some poor girl’s purse. If you feel you’re last martini coming up to say hello, run don’t walk to the nearest bathroom.


Note to all the fighters out there – just because the booze gave you confidence doesn’t mean it gave you extra muscle mass. Not only is it probable to get your ass kicked and banned from whichever venue you are in, you’ll ruin other peoples night and be known as ‘that asshole’.

Spilling a drink

It doesn’t matter if it was on purpose or an accident, spilling a drink is borderline unforgiveable, especially if it’s not your drink! The only way to mend such an action is to follow the golden rule which is – you spill someone’s drink, you get them a new one! Karma people!

Breaking something

Drunken people and shattered glass is a bad combination! Watch your dramatic flailing arms as you tell the most amazing story EVER!
Failing a keg stand…

…or a beer bong, or chugging etc. Being a disappointment on any of these tasks sucks, particularly when you have people harping on how lame you are. Try to keep your head high and start training for the next party.

Doing the nasty in someone else’s bed…

…or in any space that doesn’t belong to you! Just remember what your mother taught you, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Lovin’ in someone else’s boudoir is gross and disrespectful.

Helping yourself

Did you buy that beer? Were you offered that beer? Is it an open bar? If the answer is no then don’t take the beer! Again, it comes down to respect and future beer karma.

Talking about something stressful

It’s a party. People are there to let loose, let go of their everyday stresses and have fun. It’s hard to do that when someone’s being a major Debbie Downer discussing final exams and plane crashes.

Clogging the toilet

This goes along well with the no throwing up policy. With all that liquid running through everyone’s system, the bathroom is an essential place to keep in working order. Using up all the toilet paper is also a huge no.

Now that you know what not to do, head over to to have an awesome time at a great party!

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