Top 5 Contagious Dances

by Carolina Galli

Sometimes at the club, the DJ whips out a song so synonymous with dance moves that it brings the whole club together in a drunken, poor attempt to duplicate the dance. These 5 songs ensure that everyone gravitates to the dance floor to bust a move.

1. Thriller – Michael Jackson

This song and dance has been drilled into the brains of people everywhere becoming a Halloween staple. Even if you don’t have the full dance down, everyone can do the clawed arm movement! Want to waste a solid hour or so? Learn the dance with the tutorial below:

2. Single Ladies – Beyonce

From Liza Minelli to Paul Rudd to everyday folk, this song and dance spawned too many spoofs and copycats to count. The song has become so overplayed Beyonce herself declared that she is going to retire from performing it for a while. Check out one of clubZone’s favorite Single Ladies impersonators:

3. Crank Dat – Soulja Boy

Don’t lie. You’ve been drunk, jumping up and down and waving your arms in attempt to tackle the refined, graceful movements that go along with Soulja Boys’ Crank Dat. We could show you the real music video, but this is much more entertaining:

4. Vogue – Madonna

What are you looking at? Hopefully they are looking at your awesome impersonation of your Vogue movements inspired by Madonnas music video. It’s like the robot… but classier! Speaking of classy, check out Madonnas performance of Vogue featuring men in tights!

5. Swing – Savage

You may not recognize the artist or even the song at first, but trust us – you know it. You know that fabulously sexy ‘dice roll’ move that you use or has been used on you? Yup, that stemmed from this song being featured in the movie Knocked Up. Check out the scene below:

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