Top 5 Reasons To Have a Photographer In Your Club

by Carolina Galli

Published Wed, November 10 2010, 2:38 pm

1. Easy Way to Market your Brand

Nightclub photography markets your brand on an on-going basis! By posting your clubs photos online, web surfers have access to check out first hand what your brand is all about. Photos are the ultimate testimonials, they speak volumes!


 2. Photo Galleries Spread the Word!

Nightlife photos are viewed thousands of times online by the very people you’re hoping to market too! These same people are downloading them, uploading them to Facebook or twitter and sharing them with hundreds of friends! Social media marketing is word of mouth times a thousand, and it’s being marketed and promoted through your own customers which is the best way to get people excited about your venue and events! Think of a beautiful girl putting a picture taken at your club and watermarked with your logo as her profile picture on Facebook, thats the best marketing you can get!


3. Increased Traffic

By providing links to your venue and events that you’re hosting along with your photos, every person who checks out your galleries will now have easy access to click through to your venue! People are excited to browse through event photos and get drawn into how exciting your venue looks!

4. Exposure

When people are online trying to figure out what venue to hit up, they’re not reading through articles or checking out reviews, they’re looking at pictures! They want to see what your venue looks like, who’s partying there and if it’s the right vibe for them. Nightclub photography keeps everyone up-to-date on what your venue is all about with just a few clicks through your galleries!

5. Great Source for Promotional Material

By using a nightclub photographer you have unlimited access to amazing promotional materials! Use past galleries to enhance future events and increase ticket sales, or upload your galleries to your Facebook page and Flickr accounts and get more out of your photos!!


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