USA vs. Canada: The New Years Eve Celebration Faceoff

by Carolina Galli

New Year’s Eve is a time when big cities compete to have the best celebration in the region – or even the whole country. After all, New Year’s comes but once a year!

So in the battle for the best parties, who comes out on top: Canada or the USA?

Starting off, it doesn’t look good for the USA. Some 30% of citizens stay home on their sofas instead of going out to celebrate at all! And 100 million Americans – more than that 30% – watch NYE celebrations on TV. Yes, that means some people’s idea of a party is to go somewhere else to watch TV. However, 22% of Americans do go out to a house party, and 13% even host their own!
In contrast, 5.26 million Canadians watched the Rogers’ 26th Annual Citytv New Year’s Bash. Add to that the viewers of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, CNN’s NYE coverage, and Snooki’s ball-drop, and it turns out that about 31% of Canadians watched TV on New Years’ too.
This past year, the USA’s biggest party city was NYC, with 241 events listed. Canada’s biggest party city didn’t have even half that number of parties, at just 106. (Yet, when you consider that the population of NYC vs. Vancouver BC… that sort of means Canada wins, right?)
Looking just at tickets sold through, the USA has always come out on top. However, it looks like Canadians are more prepared for their New Year’s bashes. Every year from 2008 through 2011, a higher percentage of Canadians than Americans purchased their NYE tix before Christmas. And it pays to think ahead – Canadian ticket prices are way lower, on average, than USA prices.
When it comes to the most expensive party, it’s no contest at all. Rick Ross’ Rose Champagne NYE in Miami ran $100K per ticket, while Canada’s most expensive party on the record, Montreal New Year’s XS 2012, was just 5% of that price. That’s right, 5%. Maybe Americans should consider crossing the border this year…
Whatever Americans are planning to do this year, 10x more of them are going to tweet, tumble, or update their status about their plans than Canadian citizens. Social media is also a great way to stay in touch and document NYE parties.
So who wins out? We all do. All of North America loves to party!Where will you party this year?

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