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Vancouver: A New Summer Market is Coming to the Plaza of Nations

by Steven Mike Voser

plaza of nations night market in vancouver

This summer the Plaza of Nations on Pacific Boulevard will be packed full of stalls, food trucks, craft beer, and live local music as part of the new Plaza of Nations Saturday Market.

The event will kick off on Saturday, June 20th, and will run every Saturday from 5P.M. through to 10P.M. until September 12th.

plaza of nations saturday night market in vancouver

This exciting new project has been put together by Northshore Green Markets, the same crew who threw together the Shipyards Night Market that takes place every Friday night at the Shipbuilder’s Square on Wallace Mews Road in North Vancouver.

While not much has been revealed about this new event, the team at Norshore Green Markets have confirmed that there will be a beer garden in the middle of the market, which is enough to get me excited. For more info on the Plaza of Nations Saturday Market, click here.

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