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Veronika Black: This Vancouver Babe Is Our New Obsession

by Sandra Pugliese

veronika black

Vancouver born aspiring model, 5″7 raven-haired beauty, Veronika Black, has gone viral this year after people started posting photos comparing her to Angelina Jolie.

veronika black

With photos already in US Weekly, Vogue Brazil, and Playboy, everyone is clamoring for more Veronika. Her pouty lips, perfectly symmetrical face and curves that defy the physical laws of nature have made her the Internet’s new obsession.

veronika black

Born and raised in Western Canada, the gorgeous 27 year old says growing up wasn’t easy and that “high school was awful,” saying she was bullied, teased, called fat, and never invited to parties!

veronika black

Veronika Black before and after

Well, she has certainly blossomed into a painfully beautiful woman, and we’re sure there’s no shortage of party invitations these days.

veronika black


Veronika Black rose to fame largely due to her smoking hot Instagram account. She is currently living in Dubai to further her modeling career and we have a feeling this is just the beginning for this stunner.

You can follow Black on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

veronika blackveronika black

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