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How a Night Out in LA Differs From Other Cities

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The city of Angels is the land of movies, hills, beaches, highways and stars. Boasting a unique cultural landscape, here are some things that make Los Angeles unique.

  • Rooftop Bars are the Norm

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    If you're trying to beat the heat, make sure to check out the plentiful rooftop bars and restaurants in Los Angeles. Chill out, drink, eat, and take in the stunning views!

  • Bar Hopping is Geographically Difficult

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    Driving everywhere for a long time is the norm here because LA is immensely spread out. Decide on a spot for the night and stay put because you'll either be in the car or in line all night.

  • Make Reservations

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    If you want to dine at an LA hot spot or high-end restaurant, then reservations are essential. Be prepared to wait 30-45 minutes even then because restaurants overbook to ensure full seating.

  • Ladies' Night Is Every Night

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    Now this may not sound like a surprise to many people, but in Los Angeles, women are preferred over men to enter high end clubs. Also, bribes will most likely not work.

  • I Spy a Celebrity in Their Own Home

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    No other city makes partygoers go to a club because they think they will see a specific celebrity known to frequent it. It is the one city where the celebrity buzz reaches unimaginable levels.

  • Early or Very Late

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    Unlike other cities, bars in LA have a last call at 1:30 am. So to maximize your time, nights can kick off around 9:00 pm for some people. After-parties in Hollywood start much later, though.

  • Weekdays Over Weekends

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    In LA, the best days to go out are usually Monday to Thursday. These are the days where the locals come out to play. A much different crowd comes out on the weekends, which locals try to avoid.

  • Do Not Engage with Everyone

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    Not to say that LA is an unfriendly place, but people love their space here. You can look, but talking to everyone is not the norm. Stay friendly, but remain conscious of this cultural norm.

7 Useful Tips for Partying in San Francisco

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San Francisco is a creative city that prides itself on standing out. As you set out to enjoy the beauty of the city, here are some tips to make your night extra special and enjoyable.

  • The Weather Is Unpredictable

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    The weather in the city can change at a moment’s notice. One minute it's blazing hot, and the next minute you're frozen solid. Wear layers or bring a jacket to prepare for the worst.

  • Prepare to Drop a Lot of Cash

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    San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the US. Take your budget and expand it or be prepared to end your night early.

  • Enjoy the Post-Partying Meals

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    After a solid night of partying, there is nothing better than some drunk or hungover eating. The ice cream and the burritos (whether they are from The Mission district or not) are must tries.

  • There Is Great Music in Small Venues

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    Yes, there are big shows at Oracle Arena or Shoreline, but you can see some solid shows on the cheap at smaller venues like Make-Out Room, Elbo Room, or Slims. The smaller the show, the more intimate.

  • Be Prepared to Walk

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    As driving can be wacky due to the terrifying hills and the heavy traffic, be prepared to walk everywhere. Uphill. Luckily, it’s a very walkable city as long as you wear proper footwear.

  • Keep an Open Mind

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    It's no secret that the city has one of the biggest gay and lesbian populations. When partying out and about, you will see all walks of life having a good time just like you. Go with the flow. 

  • Put On Your Dancing Shoe

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    Get down to the beat. San Francisco's club scene is intense, crowded and fun, with some are calling it the dance music capital of North America!

Top 6 Reasons to Go Out in San Diego

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San Diego is an old fashioned city that packs a new age punch! With that being said, here's a few reasons why going out in San Diego is always a good time.

  • The Rooftop Bars

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    With year-round beautiful weather and a breathtaking skyline, downtown San Diego is quickly becoming a top spot for slick rooftop bars.

  • The Weather Is Perfect

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    The Golden State enjoys warm weather 365 days a year. Ditch your winter clothes and coats, and go out in your summer best all year round.

  • There Are Always Bars to Find

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    Scattered throughout the city are hidden drinking gems. With small drinking establishments like The Casbah and The Hole, they bring a different atmosphere. Half the fun is finding them for yourself.

  • Everyone Is Beautiful

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    As a tourist attraction for the beaches, and with three colleges nearby, you know that the good looking men and women are going to flock to the city. 

  • Casual Dress

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    Unlike other warm cities, there isn't a huge emphasis on overdressing to have a good time. Relaxed clothing for the guys, and maxi dresses and big glasses for the women are seen as common.

  • The Beer

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    Ranking at number 3 on Forbes' Best Beer Cities list, each bar carries all of the best options a person could desire. A must try for beer fans is its annual beer festival!

Looking for the Top Party Places in California?

Check out our listing of the hottest clubs in California, read reviews, view upcoming events and more.

Create Nightclub

6021 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles California United States

Insomniac and sbe announced their partnership and the debut of Create nightclub in Hollywood. Create will open May 11 in the space formerly known as Vanguard. a space that sbe and Insomniac have redesigned to provide an unparalleled music and nightlife experience. Cover will vary from night to night depending on DJ lineup. For special offers on [more]

Playhouse Nightclub

6506 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles California United States

Playhouse Nightclub, the chic and sophisticated Hollywood hotspot, is aptly named as a stylish party getaway inside the city. The sumptuous venue - an old converted theater - can be dressed up to fit any event, be it large or small, creating the perfect environment for an amazing night out amongst friends. The DJs are LA music people after all, [more]

OHM Nightclub

6801 Hollywood Blvd Ste 433, Los Angeles California United States

Ohm Nightclub is the hottest new club to open in Hollywood. We feature state of the art lighting with over 150 LED screens linked together for an incredible Vegas style light show. Our sound system is powered by 150,000 watts of heart pounding bass giving life to our venue. Located on the 4th level of the Hollywood & Highland complex, our [more]

The Cellar

685 Sutter Street, San Francisco California United States

A wrap-around bar, mind blowing state-of-the-art lighting & sound technology, hot new music and unbeatable location two blocks from Union Square, The Cellar has built its reputation as one of the best dance havens and night clubs in San Francisco over the past 10 years. Easily accommodating 300 party guests, The Cellar attracts a down-to-earth [more]


1525 Mission St between 11th & Van Ness, San Francisco California United States

Welcome to Sloane SF, the hottest nightlife destination in SoMa.This sophisticated lounge and boutique nightclub features nightly music and DJs for a non stop dance party, and luxurious bottle service for our ultra special VIPs and special events. Sloane’s New Year’s Eve party is known for being an amazing place to be on the biggest party [more]


447 Broadway , San Francisco California United States

Welcome to a unique and diverse nightlife experience in San Francisco, offering square feet of party space to suit every desire. In the lounge, you'll find a calm yet intimate atmosphere with mellow music and a massive fish tank, where couples or party goers can relax and talk. The bar offers a more upscale and slick design where you can relax and [more]


600 F Street, San Diego California United States

The Ivy Nightclub in the Andaz Hotel is the ultimate place to party in San Diego! The club is known for it's professional and friendly staff to enhance your experience. Ivy offers an array of services to party goers including VIP bottle service and nightly shows by Lipstik Inc. dancers, including special interactive dances upon request. Off the [more]

The Westin – Market Street

50 Third Street, San Francisco California United States

Welcome to one of the most renowned and recognizable hotels in downtown San Francisco, The Westin at Market Street. The Westin has been recently renovated and reinvigorated to show off its timeless style and to rise to the top of the hotel scene in the city. The hotel’s location is unbeatable, with the rest of Market Street surrounding it and [more]


6801 Hollywood Blvd #367, Los Angeles California United States

Level 3 nightclub is located on the third floor of the Hollywood and Highland Complex, and is characterized by its sophisticated and slick design and feel. Inside the club, you'll find Club DV8, which has gained the reputation as one of the sexiest and best 18+ nightclubs in all of Hollywood. Renown DJs frequent this club, with nightly hosts KIIS [more]

Las Palmas

1714 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles California United States

Previously a Mexican restaurant, this club underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and became the Hollywood hot spot that it is today north of Hollywood Boulevard. The atmosphere of Las Palmas is intimate with dark lighting contrasted with vibrant colors creating a sophisticated feel. Party goes can relax and escape in the leather booths [more]