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Top 10 Reasons to Go Out in Calgary

By clubZone

Calgary boasts a plethora of exciting venues and all the reasons you might need to dress up and hit the Alberta streets!

  • Cowboys

    By clubZone

    [Cowboys](http://clubzone.com/places/cowboys-calgary/) urges you to put your boots on and stamp your feet to some real country music. This is the place to be if you like your two stepping, line dancing and cheap drinking.

  • The Blues Can

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    Calgary is home to one of the few blues bars in the country—[The Blues Can](http://clubzone.com/places/the-blues-can-calgary/). For a change of scene, head down to this cool, no-nonsense venue for a night to remember.

  • Habitat

    By clubZone

    If you like electro music, [Habitat](http://clubzone.com/places/habitat-calgary/) is your best reason to hit the tiles in Calgary. This place, open nightly, features some of the most diverse dance music in the country.

  • Craft Beer Market

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    For beer lovers, Calgary seems to have it all! Craft Beer Market is always bustling with people, offering a rich variety of local and imported craft beers to enjoy amidst a vibrant atmosphere.

  • Commonwealth

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    [Commonwealth](http://clubzone.com/places/commonwealth-bar-calgary/) is a large, two-storey club which combines great music with a great time. It was founded by a group of producers and DJs who know a thing or two about music and partying in style.

  • The Hi Fi Club

    By clubZone

    Alongside Habitat, Calgary has [The Hi Fi Club](http://clubzone.com/places/the-hi-fi-club-calgary/), an amazing venue that doubles as a live music haven with over 3,500 feet of space and plenty of room to do your thing.

  • Broken City

    By clubZone

    [Broken City](http://clubzone.com/places/broken-city-calgary/) is best on Saturdays when it plays a wide range of contemporary and old school hip-hop. For hip-hop lovers, this club is definitely a reason to go out in Calgary!

  • Murmur

    By clubZone

    Murmur is one of the hottest joints for student nightlife enthusiasts and we know there are quite a few of you! Packed with great deals, cheap drinks and limo reservations, why not pull up in style?

  • The Roadhouse

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    With a capacity of 800, [The Roadhouse](http://clubzone.com/places/the-roadhouse-calgary/) is where you go to jam all night with the city’s best DJs, enjoy the featured events and indulge in the club's weekly drink specials.

  • Ceili Royal Oak

    By clubZone

    This is Calgary’s most [authentic Irish Pub](http://clubzone.com/places/ceili-royal-oak-calgary/). Get here fast for the imported draft beer and fantastic staff. They’ve been pouring since 1999 and know what you want better than you do.

7 Places to Go Clubbing in Edmonton

By clubZone

Edmonton is fast becoming one of the most exciting cities in Canada. Check out this carefully selected list of nightlife venues which just shouldn't be missed!

  • Mixx Party Bar

    By clubZone

    If you're into swinging your hips all night to top 40 music, then get [Mixx Party Bar](http://clubzone.com/places/mixx-party-bar-edmonton/) on your radar. You can book online for limos, VIP service and no-line-no-cover guest lists. 

  • Suite 69

    By clubZone

    For a two-storey, high-energy club that plays the latest and greatest hits all night long for a young, mostly professional crowd, hit [Suite 69](http://clubzone.com/places/suite-69-edmonton/).

  • The Black Dog Freehouse

    By clubZone

    For something a little more alternative,  [The Black Dog Freehouse](http://clubzone.com/places/black-dog-freehouse-edmonton/) might be more up your alley. This is like a pub with a twist. You can find great beer, an outdoor area and live musicians.

  • On The Rocks

    By clubZone

    Another live music venue is the famous and aptly titled [On The Rocks](http://clubzone.com/?city_id=449&s=On+The+Rocks). Here, you can order any number of cocktails and kick back to the sound of a great band.

  • Club XO

    By clubZone

    For an uber-stylish, dress-to-impress nightclub experience, head straight to [Club XO](http://clubzone.com/places/club-xo-edmonton/). Minimal and innovative with all the best electronic sounds, this place will surely rock your night.

  • Suede Lounge

    By clubZone

    If suave and chic is your thing, the [Suede Lounge](http://clubzone.com/places/suede-lounge/) is your best bet. Here, you can relax with friends, indulge in cocktails and enjoy the music, furnishings and sultry atmosphere.

  • Encore

    By clubZone

    [Encore](http://clubzone.com/places/encore-edmonton/) is Edmonton's biggest nightclub and has a reputation for playing the biggest and best hip-hop numbers all night long.

10 Things That Make Toronto a Great Place to Party

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Known as North America's boomtoom, Toronto is always expanding with fresh, innovative ideas for a good time. Boasting a fun nightlife, plenty of food and culture it is one of the best places to party!

  • A Thriving Music Scene

    By clubZone

    Toronto has one of the best music scenes in the country and is fast becoming a leading live music tourist destination. Concert venues and bars showcase a full range of musical genres for every fan.

  • Rich Sports Culture

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    Toronto plays a fierce game and have regular sporting events taking place during every season. With pubs and bars lining the stadiums, you'll be able to party with fans alike after every game.

  • Toronto's Broadway Babies

    By clubZone

    Take one of the old fashioned street cars and hit Canada's largest theatre district. It has the highest concentration of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in the city too, so dining options are vast.

  • Chilling in the Clubs

    By clubZone

    The neighbourhoods come alive at night! After a long week, there's nothing like hitting the dance floor with that frenetic energy. Visit the Entertainment District or King West for booming beats.

  • Boozing in the Bars

    By clubZone

    With the bar scene located in many different areas of Toronto, there's lots to look out for as each has their own style that cater to a specific audience. Start boozing in the Annex and work around.

  • Naughty Nudes at the Beach

    By clubZone

    The beach at Hanlan's Point is one of the few public places in Canada where full nudity is permitted. Though you don't need to disrobe entirely, with evening parties just let loose and don't be shy.

  • Food Frenzy

    By clubZone

    There are over 8,000 restaurants in the city alone and over 50 neighborhoods in the GTA specializing in their own flare, you'll never go hungry no matter what the craving. 

  • Multicultural City Means Fun Festivals for All

    By clubZone

    With Toronto being the world's most multicultural city, you can bet there are festivals for everyone! With a variety showcasing music, food, film and culture, you really can't miss out.

  • Laughing Out Loud

    By clubZone

    Canadians are underrated comedians. With a ton of comedy clubs and bars in and around the city hosting budding comedians and industry icons, chuckle the night away with good food and drinks.

  • Friends with (Car) Benefits

    By clubZone

    Torontonians are known to be über friendly! With an eclectic mix of individuals from all cultures and backgrounds in this city, you're bound to meet someone fun and might even pay the tab.

10 Reasons To Go Out in Ottawa

By clubZone

Ottawa is the nation's capital, home to a vibrant arts and nightlife scene. With affordable ways to keep entertained, see why you should check out Canada's 4th largest city!

  • Find Me In "Da Club"

    By clubZone

    Ottawa may look quiet, but nestled cozily within the city are some of the hottest clubs. From Barrymore's Music Hall to Caliente, fire up the beats and hit the dance floor—you'll be here all night.

  • Raising the Bar

    By clubZone

    If your idea of nightlife includes hitting a bar for drinks and socializing, Ottawa's it! From artsy French bars to locally owned, the food may be minimal but there's a grand selection of alcohol.

  • Indulging at Le Cordon Bleu

    By clubZone

    There are a ton of restaurants in Ottawa, but all of their chefs start here! Bleu is North America's headquarters for the world’s best school that teaches classical French cuisine—indulge and enjoy!

  • Karaoke Nights

    By clubZone

    Shanghai isn't just the oldest Chinese restaurant in the city, it's the greatest destination for hosting wild karaoke nights every Saturday. And with no cover charge!

  • Catch a Festival

    By clubZone

    With festivals from Fashion Week to the Carp Fair, there's always something going on in the city. The biggest draw belongs to Winterlude/Bal de Neige every February with live music and ice sculptures.

  • Visiting ByWard Market

    By clubZone

    Located in the district of Lower Town, ByWard has everything you'd imagine. From museums, cafes, specialty food shops, boutiques and galleries, restaurants, pubs and clubs—it's worth taking in!

  • Cha-Ching! Feeling Lucky?

    By clubZone

    Ottawa is home to at least a dozen casinos, complete with fine dining and drinking. A variety of casinos offer slots, racetracks and tables. Hopefully, you'll score big! 

  • "Pub" Up The Volume

    By clubZone

    Ottawa has a diverse variety of new and old pubs all over the city. From new-age pubs to locally owned, to western themed—these pubs host live music, trivia and a wide menu of savory pub fare.

  • Mad About Shisha

    By clubZone

    Shisha bars (or hookah), have fast become one of Ottawa's signatures. Attracting diverse party-goers, many are embracing the shisha culture with lounges around almost every corner.

  • Sleep It Off in Prison

    By clubZone

    Party-goers love the Ottawa Jail Hostel! Formerly Carleton County Gaol, patrons sleep in prisoner's cells, tour the grounds and get free breakfast. Did you know the top floor (Death Row) is haunted?

8 Reasons Why Montreal is the Best City to Party

By clubZone

C'est si bon! Known as the Paris of the north, Montreal's got it all. With a vibrant and steady nightlife, click through to see why this French city is the best place to party!

  • Easy Access to Booze

    By clubZone

    Good parties need booze! With Montreal being one of the only cities in Canada to legally sell wine and beer outside of liquor stores, you'll never be without a good bottle.

  • Bars, Bars, Bars

    By clubZone

    Montreal bars are particularly chic and intimate. There are tons to check out around the city that are open late and serve delicious food too. Our city faves are Dieu du Ciel and Au Pied du Cochon.

  • Huge Party Scene

    By clubZone

    Nothing can hold down Montreal's party scene! The city has a vibrant and fresh nightlife during every season, with bars and clubs perfect for dancing that stay open through the wee hours of morning.

  • Cigarette Haven

    By clubZone

    In a society where cigarettes are being socially banished, Montreal has a much more accepting smoking culture. It's okay to take the edge off here and light one up in public without irritated stares.

  • Music Festivals Galore

    By clubZone

    Internationally known for their bright nightlife, there are tons of events and festivals monthly. From Osheaga to Piknic Electronik, there's a lot of live music to tune into.

  • Bachelor Party Central

    By clubZone

    Many companies and clubs now specialize in throwing decadent parties as Montreal has quickly become one of the hottest places for bachelors in North America to enjoy their last night of singlehood.

  • Weed Friendly

    By clubZone

    Though cannabis smoking isn't legal in the province of Quebec, it is surprisingly quite tolerated in Montreal. It isn't hard to find weed in the city, nor be offered the drug.

  • Best Hangover Food

    By clubZone

    Montreal may be known for inducing hangovers, but they've also got great cures! With dozens of dives open late night, you can get the best poutine to soak up the booze—Orange Julep is a favourite!

6 Kinds of Partyer's That Victoria Can Satisfy

By clubZone

Are you a specific type of partyer? Do you only open up to the spot if it's your scene? Well, let Victoria wow you with spots for basically every type of partygoer.

  • The Mature Partygoer

    By clubZone

    More interested in having fun than getting wasted? Then Victoria's newest nightclub, Upstairs Cabaret, is for you. Catered to an upscale party, the atmosphere breaks away from the usual scene.

  • The Standard Clubber

    By clubZone

    Victoria’s premiere live music nightclub features live music up to six nights a week with mixes of top 40, house, and hip hop. Every Thursday is also a student night with deals on cheap drinks.

  • The Live Music Partyer

    By clubZone

    If you're a partygoer that loves hearing live music, then you should check out Lucky Bar while in Victoria. This hot spot plays music from many genres; electronic, pop, rock, or hip hop to name a few.

  • The Pub Dweller

    By clubZone

    Looking for a good old Irish pub in Victoria? The Irish Times is exactly what you're looking for. With a selection of 28 different draft beers to choose from, the good times come easy here.

  • The Sports Fanatic

    By clubZone

    A sports fanatic's heaven, The V-Lounge sports bar & grill offers Sports in HD on a myriad of screens as customers play free pool, darts, karaoke, and jam out nights with live DJ's.

  • The Gay Partyer

    By clubZone

    If you are looking for Victoria's gay nightlife scene, look no further than Paparazzi, Victoria's only gay club. With karaoke and music that ranges from Top 40 to house, it is a guaranteed good time.

7 Reasons Why Whistler is a Great Place to Party

By clubZone

There is nothing quite like Whistler. Snowy terrain, mountainous views are only beat by a great party scene. Here are some reasons why it's such a great party spot.

  • Pre-Party in Seclusion

    By clubZone

    The modern house party scene is dying, but in Whistler, with the ability to rent out lodges and cabins, house parties are back in fashion. Pre-party at the cabin and hit the bars to finish the night!

  • The Whistler Club Crawl

    By clubZone

    Unsure of where to party in Whistler? Do the Club Crawl, which includes 3-5 free drinks, free cover up to $30, free food and bypassing the line for some of the best clubs that Whistler has to offer.

  • Everything Is in Walking Distance

    By clubZone

    With every nightclub and bar in close range, you can set a record in spots hit in a night of club hopping. 

  • Each Venue Has Its Own Night

    By clubZone

    Forget about figuring out which club is hot on what night. In Whistler, each venue has its own night. On the weekends, every place is popping, so it's just a matter of pick and choose.

  • There Are a Ton of Tourists

    By clubZone

    Whistler is a passing home for many. Like-minded tourists want to party just as much as you and the night's as up in the air as it is on the slopes. 

  • A Breathe of Fresh Partying Air

    By clubZone

    Partying in Whistler is an escape from the large city crowds. Being able to party and then walk the streets without utter chaos is truly underrated.

  • There Is so Much to Do After You've Partied!

    By clubZone

    Where else can you party and then snowboard after you wake up hungover? There are other activities too, like ATV tours, paintball, and gondola tours.

9 Reasons Why Vancouver is a Great Place to Party

By clubZone

From sun down to sunrise, Vancouver has some of the best partying in the world. Here's to an unforgettable night.

  • The Granville Street 'Strip'

    By clubZone

    It may not be as glamorous as the Las Vegas strip, but there are not many entertainment districts that can rival Granville Street. It is party central, allowing for an easy night of club-hopping.

  • Slick After-Hours Spots

    By clubZone

    The night will rage on. Vancouver is home to an assortment of top notch after-hours spots that will definitely satisfy your late night desires. 

  • There Is Something for Everyone

    By clubZone

    From sophisticated cocktail bars to the hipster scene to exquisite clubs to pubs, its nightlife has the luxury of offering an array of entertainment. 

  • A Friendly Crowd

    By clubZone

    Everyone just wants to have a good time (we can partially thank alcohol for that). Enjoy conversations in bars to quick high fives on Granville Street to meeting friendly strangers. 

  • Music for Days

    By clubZone

    Whatever kind of music you are into– Top 40, EDM, hip hop, rap, country, metal, etc.– Vancouver allows you to party and cater to your own specific tastes.

  • Gay & Queer Nightlife on Davie Street

    By clubZone

    Vancouver has an ever expanding gay and queer nightlife scene. Davie Street in downtown is home to its most popular gay club–Celebrities– and also to many other proud spots.

  • Multicultural Crowd

    By clubZone

    Vancouver is undoubtedly one of the most multicultural cities in the world. So whether you're hitting up a nightclub, bar, or pub, an array of diversity makes for a ton of interesting conversations.

  • No Strict Dress Code

    By clubZone

    Bars and clubs are not too strict on a dress code. Still, don't show up in sweats, but you at least need to "dress to impress." It works for basically any type of night in Vancouver!

  • The 'Talent' is Unmatched

    By clubZone

    Not to brag, but Vancouver is home to some of the sexiest men and women on the globe. In fact, [Travel MSN ranked ](http://travel.ca.msn.com/international/photogallery.aspx?cp-documentid=28498712&page=6)Vancouver women as the sixth most beautiful in the world. 

Looking for the Top Party Places in Canada?

Check out our listing of the hottest clubs in Canada, read reviews, view upcoming events and more.


560 Seymour Street, Vancouver BC Canada

Every so often a club like FIVESIXTY comes around and reminds us why it is that we even like to go out. More than just drinks, food, music, VIP treatment, and lots of space to dance/hit on attractive people, FIVESIXTY manages to feel like a new club experience every time. How, you ask? FIVESIXTY offers 5 distinctive and sleek party rooms: LIVE, [more]

Harbour Event Centre

750 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver BC Canada

Discover Vancouver’s biggest and dynamic party spot, Harbour Event Centre! This is a totally unique nightlife offering a great night out in the city’s fashionable entertainment district. The club inside an already well-known city landmark from the Expo 86 on the Plaza of Nations, giving this hot spot the upper hand on location. Gossip is [more]


3781 Boul.St-Laurent, Montreal Quebec Canada

If glamor is what you are after, make Montreal’s Muzique your plans. Already a mainstay soon after its 2009 opening, this hotspot has created a name for itself as having reinvented the luxury red-rope nightlife experience, bringing an extra degree of exclusivity to the city’s club scene. Muzique has quickly become the model for new A-list [more]

Distrikt Nightclub

919 Douglas St, Victoria BC Canada

    The newest club in town, Distrikt Nightclub, brings the big city club experience to Victoria's downtown core. A sound system that will leave you breathless, a light show that you have never seen and music that will feed you energy. We are Distrikt Nightclub and we do things differently. [more]


958 Granville Street between Smithe and Nelson, Vancouver BC Canada

The Republic Nightclub is located in the heart of Vancouver’s Entertainment and Theatre districts. Open seven night per week, this gritty, eclectic two level nightlife local has something progressive to offer for everyone. The atmosphere set by the comfortable booth seating, custom designed lighting and world class audio visual system is ideal [more]

Tryst Nightclub

82 Peter Street, Toronto Ontario Canada

Part parlor, garden, and labyrinth under the stars – a night at tryst is an enchanting experience, catering only to Toronto’s most elite clientele. Tryst Nightclub is divided into five distinct but interconnected spaces including the Havana Lounge, the Loft, Vegas Suites, The Vault at Tryst and the Garden Patio. Each space speaks to a [more]


2108, boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal Quebec Canada

Tucked within Hotel10 in downtown Montreal, you will find Blvd44, Montreal’s most upscale and chic club experience to-date. Established in 2011, Blvd44 is the melding of fashion and sophistication into one unique night time escapade. A lavish escape from traditional nightlife, Blvd44 provides Montreal with a classy and modern space, perfect for [more]

Caprice Nightclub

967 Granville Street, Vancouver BC Canada

The Caprice Nightclub is an elegant, spacious and multi level venue. The nightclub's main level encompasses a long backlit main bar, large open dance floor, elevated DJ booth and the brand new private VIP lounge. The second level mezzanine provides a spacious view of the dance floor with its own large bar and cozy seating areas, perfect for [more]


881 Granville Street, Vancouver BC Canada

With an incredible event stage for live shows, DJs, private parties and events, concerts, and more, VENUE is destined to become a top nightclub in Vancouver. With a mix of live music and DJs, Venue is a hybrid between nightclub and concert venue. Names like Major Lazer and David Guetta have passed through the club, adding to its unparalleled [more]


1180 Granville Street, Vancouver BC Canada

Aura : An adventure in nightlife... playing all shades of house in a classic decor with a post modern twist. Tasty and unique drinks available to quench any club-goer. Open weekends and holidays from 10pm til 3am. Come down and let yourself shine. [more]