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Looking for the Top CLOSED in Dallas?

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2505 Pacific Ave, Dallas Texas United States

Without question one of Dallas’s great clubs. The club opens into a monstrous rectangle style bar, with cozy dim lit booths to the right, and an oasis of a dance floor to the back. However, the excitement doesn’t end there, behind the dance floor exists a whole new world with another bar, plenty of room to mix and mingle, and secluded [more]

Thin Room

2706 Elm Street, Dallas Texas United States

Located 2706 Elm Street Dallas TX. $2 happy hours until 11:00pm daily. DJ Jimmy at the turntables producing some of the hottest music in Dallas! Please e-mail jeffreygannon@hotmail.com or call 469-471-8316 (Jeffrey Gannon) for more information or check out: http://www.thethinroom.com [more]

Club Aria

2826 Elm Street (on the Corner, Dallas Texas United States

Welcome to the Aria Expeince where women are treated like goddesses. Watch Out Deep Ellum We are changing the standards. We are are a full service bar and dance club with music venue your can dance to. We have Vip memberships available. With a private room for Vip Members. Arianrhod or ARIA for short is the celtic goddess of the moon, more [more]

Buddha 9

1217 Main St - Dallas TX, Dallas Texas United States

Buddha 9 Buddha 9 (formerly The Ivy Lounge) is the new hit in town. The lounge is surrounded by leather couches for sitting. The open air atrium is perfect for people watching. The glassed in DJ booth give the lounge a bit of a Miami feel, with a spacious area to move around. It offers an incredible rooftop overlooking downtown featuring [more]


2005 Greenville Ave., Dallas Texas United States

The bright neon lights of the Arcadia Theater, once again shine over lower Greenville Ave. The 70 year-old theater returned from the dead on New Year's Night 2000 and no doubt, has grown stronger with age. Boasting a $300,000 makeover, Liquid is now the heartbeat of Dallas nightlife. A deep blue Liquid sign now [more]

GhostBar Dallas

2440 Victory Park Lane Suite 330, Dallas Texas United States

GhostBar Dallas With its relaxed, sophisticated vibe, ghostbar is the ideal option for early or late night socializing with the most beautiful crowd in Texas. This 12,500 square foot lounge, located on the 33rd floor of the W Hotel, features spectacular views of the Dallas skyline. Futuristic lounge furniture, an electroluminescent backlit bar, [more]

Skye Bar

1217 Main St.Main , Dallas Texas United States

Welcome to Skye Bar, Dallas’ premium nightclub destination! prepare to enter a world where your look and Skye Bar’s service, featuring the hottest staff in Dallas making you feel like a rockstar every single night! Relax and get intimate with other sexy singles while you sip cocktails and chill out to the amazing music, or party like there [more]


2600 Main Street, Dallas Texas United States

Uropa One of the largest dance clubs in Dallas, this space themed nightclub, with its three rooms (Astro, Jupiter, and Dritons) its no reason people keep coming back for more. Resident DJs play everything from house to hip hop and even a little bit of techno. You will find people here at all hours of the night, from dusk till dawn, so if you [more]


2642 Main Street, Dallas Texas United States

Club HUSH Fun dance music .. 3 areas to dance in .. * inside plays hip hop, rap, reggeton, and many more juss to move your body to. * patio plays salsa, merengue, hip hop, reggeton, and more. * on the rooftops plays all sorts of mixes to get your jam on. ? 18+ to get your dance on ? 21+ to get your drink on ? [more]