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Tom's Oyster Bar image

Tom's Oyster Bar

519 E. Jefferson, Detroit, Michigan (Eastside) United States


Metro Detroit's four Tom's Oyster Bar locations offer superior fresh seafood and an award winning wine list in a relaxed, casual, friendly atmosphere. [more]


100 St. Clair Avenue, Detroit, Michigan (Eastside) United States


We serve good, basic food in generous quantity and constantly strive to improve our quality and value. [more]

The Ivanhoe Cafe

5249 Joseph Campau, Detroit, Michigan (Eastside) United States


The Ivanhoe Cafe was founded in 1909 by Stanislaus Grendzinski who had eight children, one who was named Agnes. Agnes married Stanley Sienkiewicz in 1927 and ran the bar for 60 years. Big John Sobczak took over the helm in 1987 and is now owned by his wife, Lucille and is managed by their daughter, Patti Galen. Still in the original building on [more]