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El Paso Gay Club

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The New Old Plantation

301 S. Ochoa, El Paso, Texas United States


This clubs for all you size queens, because with over 10,000 square feet your sure to drop your jaw in aw. This club is by far one of the best in El Paso. Located in Downtown El Paso, the O.P. provides great thumpa thumpa. Music to make you explode, and drinks to keep you cool. Occasional foam parties spice up the atmosphere, and light shows that [more]

Chiquitas Bar

310. E. Missouri Ave., El Paso, Texas United States


Named after one of El Paso's premier bar tenders "Chiquita" this bar has it all. Up beat salsa atmosphere complete with the bartenders to go with it. Here you can find relaxation at the bar or spice it up on the dance floor to your favorite mexican beats from the juke box. La Vida Loca! [more]

The Tool Box

506 N. Stanton, El Paso, Texas United States

This gay bar brings it to you right. Centered in downtown El Paso, it leads Pride Square every night. This bar is perfect for a few before heading home and transforms into a great scene every weekend. Now with two bars, this place is sure to get you drinking and now quicker. Great outdoor patios for smoking. DJ KIDNO also raises the pulse on [more]

San Antonio Mining Company

800 E. San Antonio, El Paso, Texas United States


The second largest gay bar in El Paso is the San Antonio Mining Co. Located in an renovated fire station, this club is sure to light your fire. Inside the bar you'll find weekend go-go boys and DJ's, and outside a lifting atmosphere to party the night away. Smoking on patio. [more]

The Briar Patch

508 N. Stanton, El Paso, Texas United States

Right next door to the Tool Box on Pride Square you'll find a nice place to relax and kick back a few at the Briar Patch. Decorated with a sophisticate touch, outside in the back patio you'll find yourself relaxing under a gigantic flowering tree and you won't have to lift a finger to order another, just let the bar tender at the outdoor cabana [more]