7/5 Aboard The Serenity Yacht

This event has expired.

7/5 Aboard The Serenity Yacht Details

There’s really nothing like the summer. The sun, the temperature, and the way the trees sit still as you lay underneath them in the park. But, there’s something that we anticipate a bit more than these small characteristics – Independence Day. Considered to be one of the most long awaited days of the summer, July 4th brings with it one hell of a party, and this year, it’s going to be bigger as it falls on a Friday. Funny thing is, it’s Saturday the 5th that’s really going to shine. Not everyone has Friday off, but Saturday – chances are you’re set for not working that day.

This year opt for a great experience aboard the Serenity Yacht as the a slew of other New York City residents will vie to be one of the lucky ones aboard. Featuring a live DJ that will keep spinning tunes for hours on end, and a cash bar where you can order your favorite cocktails, this special Independence Day yacht party presented by SaturdayNightCruises will wow you from start to finish. Only thing is, you’ll have to get your tickets while you still can. Once this event catches on it’ll sell out in no time!

Boarding: 8:00 PM
Departing: 9:00 PM
Returning: 12:00 AM