After Hours Jazz Party with SABERTOOTH

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After Hours Jazz Party with SABERTOOTH Details

After Hours Jazz Party with SABERTOOTH

Green Mill

every Saturday
midnight – 4am

Cameron Pfiffner – tenor sax
Pat Mallinger – alto & tenor sax
Pete Benson – Hammond B-3 organ
Ted Sirota – drums

There’s an old adage that if you love something, let it go, if it comes back then it’s yours. For Nicholas Marshall and his latest musical quest this understanding is a deep one.

His project Sabertooth stemmed from a farewell-to-all-that endeavor to write and record a final record and wave goodbye to the dream of life as a musician of the serious variety. There is a devastating and melancholic magnetism to Sabertooth’s sound, a rare depth that is refreshingly seductive and powerful when held up against the intentionally ironic and overly clever slickness of current indie pop music.

Marshall might have tossed the idea of a musical triumph out like an unwanted pet, but like the fabled cat, what he shut out came right back. Originally an album was constructed, the tracks laid down and compiled as a solo exercise in processing emotion and experience, but this proved to be a false start, leading to a period of deeper reflection.