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Andre Henry
with Mikki Hommel

The struggle between the sacred and secular has produced some divine music. From Al Green and Little Richard, to countless blues artists, many have struggled reconciling their devotion to the church to their passion for popular music. Bible teacher and worship leader Andre Henry was studying to be a minister when he stopped battling his inner Michael Jackson. He says: “I realized whatever I believe informs what I create. If I stay authentic and true I’ll still get the message out.”

The Atlanta, Georgia born singer-songwriter has garnered favorable comparisons to Stevie Wonder, John Legend, and Prince. His silky accessibility is refreshingly diverse and invigoratingly hooky, drawing from soul, jazz, and pop. “People see someone young and black and expect me to do hip hop and straight up R&B. I really had to prove of myself,” he explains.

“My first performance was at church, this little kid doing his Elvis thing to ‘This Little Light of Mine.’ All the church ladies loved it,” he says, chuckling. Early on Andre was exposed to an eclectic blend of influences, the soft rock worship music at church, reggae music from his family’s Caribbean roots his father had a touring reggae band classic soul, Motown, Top 40 pop and R&B, and Michael Jackson.