Angus & Julia Stone

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Angus & Julia Stone

Let’s cut to the chase. The captivating third, self titled album from ANGUS & JULIA STONE, is the best record the siblings have ever made, a record born of spontaneity, and totally unplanned.

“It took a while to get to a place where we thought it was a good idea,” they admit. “We were enjoying the time apart, enjoying our different directions. There was no conversation of, ‘When are we doing another Angus & Julia record? ’It never even came up.” In fact, the pair, over the last couple of years on solo adventures never even saw each other, aside from unexpectedly bumping into each other on the street in Paris.

It took the legendary US producer to spark the flame. From Jay Z to the Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash to Red Hot Chilli Peppers–Rick Rubin knows good music. After Rubin heard Angus and Julia’s music playing at a friend’s party he decided he had to get in contact with them. Julia received an email from one of the notorious producer and former Def Jam head associates, who visited the singer at one of her NYC solo shows, urging her to take a meeting. Weeks later in LA, Julia met up with Rubin. “At that point I was saying, ‘but my brother and I aren’t playing music together,” Julia recalls of the initial meeting. “Rick said, ‘well I’d really like to meet him too.”

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