AYCE Tapas Tuesdays & Willie Ziavino & C.O.T. Band

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AYCE Tapas Tuesdays & Willie Ziavino & C.O.T. Band Details

AYCE Tapas Tuesdays & Willie Ziavino & C.O.T. Band

AYCE Tapas Tuesdays – 5.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Willie Ziavino & C.O.T. Band – 7.00 PM – 10.00 PM

Ayce Tapas Tuesdays
“All you can eat” is possibly the most demonized and passé term in the food industry’s already vast and ever changing vocabulary of diverse styles of dining, just as predictable and substandard as a drive thru window or a middle school cafeteria . It suggests the excesses of a Roman feast, but all too often delivers soggy, conventional buffets hidden under foggy sneeze guards and intense heat lamps, usually tucked away in outdated strip malls with flashing neon signs and sprawling parking lots.

Ever the gastronomic heart of the south, Atlanta must have more to offer its most voracious diners than tired clichés and self service steam tables. Loca Luna answers this challenge with a resounding call to Endless Tapas. Every Tuesday, experience the best of Latin-America. Each dish is prepared to order and brought to your table by a courteous staff of servers who encourage you to try everything from our brand new spring menu and nightly specials. You will hardly know where to begin, but trust in our knowledgeable team to guide you through this extensive meal.

Share tapas with close friends on our open patio or dine on our dance floor and watch the live band. Come alone even, and let one of our witty bartenders amuse you, and have them teach you the secrets to making an award winning mojito. A wide selection of specialty cocktails, draft beers and south American wines accompany our endless menu providing endless, enticing combinations.

Willie Ziavino & C.O.T. Band

Willie Ziavino & C.O.T. Band has became the favorite latin music band in Atlanta, GA, with a fusion of Trova, Latin Rhythms, Rumba and the taste of each member of the band (Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Puerto Rico, USA), you can find them performing in several venues in metro Atlanta USA.

Willie Ziavino was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, began writing songs since he was 14 years old. Two years of living in La Havana gave birth to his romance with Cuban rhythms and reinforced his love for Trova.

In 2010 started performing in Atlanta, GA and formed the C.O.T. Band along with Rafael Pereira (Brazil), Juan Bonini (Panamá), Kevin Hyde (USA) and Helder Zanella (Brazil), resulting in the fusion of trova, rumba, caribbean rhythms and musical influences of each band member.

In that same year he began recording his album “Camino Empedrado” with the help of the brazilian producer/musician Rafael Pereira. The album was released in April 2011.