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Bargain DJ Collective

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Bargain DJ Collective Details

Bargain DJ CollectiveThe Bargain DJ Collective set out to break up Las Vegas’ monotonous club routine, and rebel against the top 40, techno-crap that fills every single club in town. Originally started by former KUNV DJ, Rex Dart(the eskimo spy) and longtime pal Larry Bird, the Collective began hosting a DJ event at Vegas quaint Champagnes Cafe. They called it “This is Hardcore.” Featuring everything from Radiohead to Run DMC, Built To Spill to James Brown, and the Descendents to Depeche Mode, The Bargain DJ Collectives events became the anti-club. Dart and Bird enlisted the Drizzle, and former KUNV DJ and Music Director Ryan Kinder (DJ Tiger) to help out. The Collective have been going strong ever since.The Collective has been seen opening for such acts as gwenmars, Grant Hart (Husker Du), The Suicide Girls, the Bellrays, James Brown, Seal, LL Cool J, Chaka Kahn, The Surf Coasters, z-trip, jurassic 5, Snoop Dog, Nate Dog, Warren G, Bob Log III, Lords of Altamont, Blowfly, Banyan, The Rentals, that kid named Miles, Taxi, The Jimmy Castor Bunch, Andre Williams, De La Soul, Black Camaro, The Phantom Surfers, The Uncle Betsys, Questlove?, the artist formerly known as prince, Pleasure Forever, !!!, suite 666, Stryper, the Surf Coasters, the Riverboat Gamblers, hi-fidelity, The Ghastly Ones, the Bowel-tones, Soda and his Million Piece Band, cryptorchid chipmunk, Peccidilloes, Ubershall, Trans Am, Mobb Deep, The High Strung, Oranges Band, Bronson, FFI, Amber Halo, Kite Eating Tree, Flash Express, Silverstate, Transit, the Holy Moleys, the Mapes, The Killers, Latest Flames, the Bitters, Hanson and more and more and more.Reputable rag The Review Journal picked these guys as the best djs in a nightclub for 2004… why? Come out and hear us. You’ll figure it out. The Bargain DJ Collective Vegas DJs trainwrecking funk, punk, soul, ska, new wave, old wave, mod, indie rock, brit-pop, doo-wop, be-bop, trip-hop, old school hip-hop, Robot beeping, trash, thrash, metal, dark metal, swing, gangsta rap, politcal speeches, communist propaganda, read-along storybooks, sounds from haunted houses, exotica and so much more. Super fun for our super friends. Your Mom Likes Us.