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Bawdy Storytelling

Bawdy Storytelling is a monthly storytelling event that features real people sharing their bona fide sexual exploits in 10 minutes or less.Storytellers are an eclectic mix of authors, poets, comedians and actors – along with a handful of real people just like you who have submitted their stories online and were chosen for their panache and sense of misadventure.

Dixie De La Tour founded San Francisco’s ‘blue personal narrative’ movement almost five years ago in a Burning Man warehouse.The off-color nature of her life was at odds with her diehard love of storytelling until she decided to create Bawdy Storytelling, a place for other people with poor self-control to share their antics, too.

As a card-carrying pervert who sports both Southern charm and a mouth that would make a Sailor blush, she’s earned her Ph.D in sex-positive culture after more than a decade of hosting, promoting and throwing underground sex parties and events.

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