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Kelly Mcgarry Presents
Biscuit Bazooka
UnDying Will, Space Cream, Radiomason, Grooveshine

This is Biscuit Bazooka. We are a guitar/drum duo from Los Angeles, California hoping to gain some exposure. We play fast and loud punk/garage rock, simple but awesome. Our influences include Nirvana, The White Stripes, and The Ramones to name a few. There’s a lot of energy on the stage, always giving an entertaining performance. We actually started out as a four piece band, but due to some disagreements in the band over almost a year we cut down to the twosome we are today. This has actually been beneficial as our we have a lot better chemistry without anyone else involved. We currently have about 45 minutes of material, 30 of which being original songs. We’re always available for gigs of any kind. Thank you for your support.

UnDying Will
Undying Will is the love child of years of dealing with prima donnas, flakes and non-understanding ignorance. We have created a band out of the talent that each person has brought to the table and with that, we were able to feed off each other’s plates.

Jason (vocals) met a drummer, Ben in 2007, trying to form a band with a self-destructing guitar player. After we shot that horse in the head and moved on, we recruited Joe (bass) who played for years in L.A. and finally settled in Fresno. Knowing this band would go nowhere without a guitar player. Undying Will brought in Ron (guitar) who has been playing in the Central Valley for years. In 2011 we brought in Todd (guitar) to add the depth we felt we were missing. We have a killer new drummer, Olen, that cruises all the way up from L.A. just to jam with us! And with that we find ourselves complete!

Space Cream
Hailing from Hollywood, CA, SpaceCream is a musically and visually stunning Glam Rock band that challenges the norm and is quickly gaining momentum in Southern California.

Winner of the “Battle for Vans Warped Tour ’14” contest, SpaceCream never fails to pleasantly surprise audiences with the combination of powerful yet beautiful 70’s inspired rock music and truly dynamic stage presence. The band is perhaps best described as “Ann Wilson in David Bowie’s edition of Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

It’s been an exciting first year for SpaceCream! Between Warped Tour, releasing their first album (available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc… ), and landing a Cover Artist feature on popular indie blog PopVulture Magazine, the band has been playing live as much as possible and cultivating an ever-growing community of misfit fans. Classic venues like the Viper Room and House of Blues have housed as many of their shows as alternative ones like the Doll Hut, Loaded, and El Cid. SpaceCream also plays a monthly acoustic set at Gallery Sev Ven.

After working together as session musicians for multiple bands, guitarist Bryan Limon and vocalist Eric Lloyd began to write material for what they hoped would one day be a full band. Initially moving forward without a drummer or bass player the two began to record the foundation of the rhythm section themselves. Playing piece by piece as if laying down musical bricks, the name Radiomason was born. However, the end result was… lacking. All the ingredients weren’t there. So the search began. 13 drummers later, they found what they were looking for. While playing bass and producing the Pasadena based artist Seeking Sui, Eric met Aaron Wittman. A US native who grew up in Sweden, Aaron returned to the states to study music at Los Angeles Music Academy.

GrooveShine is a band from Santa Barbara, CA that combines funk, reggae and hip hop rhythms with singer-songwriter acoustic grooves.

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