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First Base presentsBringing It HomeBooty shorts, sweatbands, tube socks, track suits, and athletic attire always encouraged.Get ready to get down the day after your Thanksgiving feast – we’re busting out the wheels of steel kids. Yes, that’s right we’re dusting off the turntables and breaking out the vinyl.Vinyl What IS That?!Vinyl sounded good “back then” and we think it sounds even better now. Ever heard the expression “they just don’t make it like that any more?” Well it’s true – there are certain tracks that were pressed on vinyl, that you just can’t download off beatport. Similarly, there are DJ’s that learned to mix with their fingers literally on the beat, always aware that abrupt movements could potentially send the needle jumping or skidding across the record in a seemingly chaotic way.There are so many factors that go into mixing vinyl: grub on your hands, dust particles, the wind/weather, drunk people bumping into you (or in some special cases wanting to “touch” the spinning record). Other things like the angle of the table or the weight of the needle also come into play. Finally, without a screen to show you the length of time left on the song, no cue button to help you drop that track in, and no auto-bpm to beatmatch for you, the vinyl-learn’ed DJ really develops a wide range of vital skills you might find some digital DJ’s are lacking these days. For many of us records are our history, our past. Within them we’ve attached our emotions, our memories, and our stories. Vinyl is not just an old medium of music, it is an experience. Come down to the disco and you be the judge.DJ Dragnflywww.djdragnfly.comThe GenesisAlthough an avid fan of the San Francisco underground rave scene since 1991, it wasn’t until her attendance at a highly overcrowded event in 1998 that Dina Lammon found herself trapped in front of a team of battling DJs. For the first time, she witnessed the way a DJ could use music and machine to manipulate flesh. It was an eye opening experience and the event filled her with a sense of musical rapture and a new life path was revealed.The EvolutionSince that fateful night, Dragn’fly has evolved into one of the most highly demanded and respected DJs in the western United States. A classically trained musician since the age of 8, it didn’t take long for Dragn’fly to gain a solid feel of the decks and within a few months she was performing in front of hundreds of raging fans alongside SF-legend, Astral Matrix. The experience was hailed as an unforgettable one by the hundreds of raging fans in attendance and it marked a turning point in the career path of our heroine. Today Dragn’fly has a performance history that boasts over 1,000 major events throughout the United States, including Hawaii, and internationally in Mexico, Germany and Brazil.The EssenceKnown as a true “journey DJ”, Dragn’fly possesses an uncanny ability to read into the desires of the crowd and the diversity of each set performed has provided Dragn’fly with the opportunity to headline countless events. When not headlining under her own accord, Dragn’fly acts as the strategic support for many event coordinators worldwide as a key transitional DJ, opening or closing sets for the worlds most-widely popular and renowned electronic music artists.The ImminenceHaving been made the object of several print and web zines, Dragn’fly went on to infiltrate Hollywood in 2004 as a featured artist for Higher Decibel, a television show that highlighted some of the world’s most distinguished DJs of the time. Throughout the years, Dragn’fly has held residencies with such esteemed productions crews as Shaolin of Sacramento, California, Lovetribe of Seattle, Washington and currently she resides on the rosters of both GSP of Dayton, Ohio and DJ4NORML as an official representative for the nationally known and politically active institution known as NORML based out of Washington, D.C. On the local scene, she has appeared numerous times at such Bay Area nightspots as Ruby Skye, 177 Townsend, 1015 Folsom, the DNA Lounge, Mezzanine, and Paradise Lounge – and has repeatedly made headlining appearances at Qool Saturdays and the Looq Happy Hour hosted by one of America’s top progressive record labels, Looq Records.And if over 1,000 live appearances weren’t enough, Dragn’fly has found the time to release over 12 promotional mix CDs – most of them live, unedited recordings from featured events. Accordingly, one of her CDs, Dragn’fly presents Legacy of Kain, was distributed privately in 2001 by computer-gaming giant Eidos Interactive. Having made its debut at the official Soul Reaver 2 / Blood Omen 2 event, sponsored by Sony, this mix went on to gain worldwide attention and earned Dragn’fly a devoted fan base spanning the globe.DJ Denisewww.djdenise.comwill be dishing out a rare and special All Vinyl House Set!! For those in the know, better dust off those shell-toes or break out your new dancin’ shoes! For those who don’t know, you really don’t want to miss this. Vinyl is heavy and DJ’s don’t carry it around much these days. However, Denise is ready to pack up her records and take us back to the early 2000’s, back to the beginning stages of her DJ career, in a very special way that way only she can.Get ready to hear this pint-sized powerhouse rock the 1’s and 2’s just the way she used to, back in a time when there was only vinyl.Artist NameDJ DenisePrevious AliasDJ D (1998-2001)DJ Since1998Producer Since2005Motto: Keep on listening and Ill keep spinning!DJ Denise cut her teeth in the San Francisco underground scene of the late-90s. A natural talent behind the decks she was instantaneously recognized for both her technical abilities and her unique energy. Word of her success spread quickly and soon she was being booked for gigs across the USA and Canada. In the early 2000s she worked as a house music buyer for Skills DJ Workshop, now one of the most successful EDM production companies on the West Coast. Eager to develop as an artist, in 2004 she began engineering her own tracks and by 2006 launched her own record label, Mizumo Music. Within the first year, the label had already established itself as a brand for quality house and in 2007, Denise decided to transition the label from vinyl to a purely digital format. This Bay Area homegrown label currently boasts over 150 releases from local and international artists alike. Mizumo is also a home for many of Denises original productions and collaborations. It is evident that her talents in the studio have proved equally successful as her ability to move people from behind the turntables.In addition to managing the label, Denise has steadily refined her production and engineering skills over nearly a decade now. She has released both original and remixed tracks on over 50 international labels including Cubic (UK), A-Squared Muzik (US), Champion Beats (Canada), and Big Poppa (South Africa) among others. Her music has been selected by EDM colleagues including DJ Shortee, Simply Jeff, and SOS from the British superclub Ministry of Sound, who have all licensed her music for their compilations. Look for her productions on Beatport, iTunes, Trackitdown, Junodownload and all other quality digital download sites.Pwny (pronounced “pony”) was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area and was lucky to be residing in SF in an especially lush and fertile environment for electronic music culture at this moment. In 2003 she started playing vinyl with the intention of mixing and DJing, recently switched to playing on CDJs in 2010, vowing never to travel to the desert with records again, which was becoming a yearly phenomenon. As much as she loathed abandoning the vinyl format, and coming to the realization that vinyl is not environmentally sustainable, and that she would be able to collect more music and support more artists by moving to digital solidified her conviction. PWNY enjoys mixing a wide range of genres including deep house, tech house, minimal – but as always whatever she finds that is atmospheric, well produced, and has a vibe.Dao is my zen-state. It isnt an intentional act as much as it communion with sound, with the muse.I dont plan Sets. My mantra is the right song at the right time, and youre never going to answer that question until youre in the moment. This is real, live-mixed, this is Now, and were deep in it, together. I only like to mix deep, 3 mins so. It isnt deep music unless you mix it deep, over your head in sounds, dancing with them as if Tai Chi, rolling them into another as if an Akido master. The tracks dictate how they want to be mixed, the moment dictates what energy wants to emerge next; a DJ isnt there to be intentional, were supposed to be receptive. You can hear the difference.Mo Corleone chameleon by nature, Mo Corleone is a DJ that defies categorization. On any given weekend you may find her directing the dance floor in a dark warehouse or slammin’ club venue, but you’re just as likely to catch her in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Hawaiian jungle, or the Black Rock Desert. Mo loves to exploit the gray area between genres. You’ll appreciate her sets if you like electro in your techno, psy in your progressive, or rock in your breakbeats. When she’s not bouncing with the energetic renegade crew Want It, Mo chills out with the Bay Area darlings of downtempo, the Ambient Mafia.Resident BeatsDJ Loryndjloryn.comBecky Knox (FirstBase / Kaleidoscope Oakland)Featuring the FirstBase “Jockettes” in the lounge and on the stageCome in sporty attire ready to shake itDrink Specials$3 Absolute SF cocktailsJello Shots!$2 for one or three for $5And yep, we’re open ’till 3am. If you are looking for that late-night spot to kick it, stop in and say hello.21+$5 All night long10PM – 3AM1760 Market Street, SFLinks