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“club Marilyns” meets “club Karaoke” Old School, R&B and Hip-Hop Dance Par

This event has expired.

“club Marilyns” meets “club Karaoke” Old School, R&B and Hip-Hop Dance Par Details

Is it possible to have an “Old School”, “Free Style” and “Hip-Hop” Dance Party without the knuckle heads?!! ABSOLUTELY, we do it every Thurs, Friday and Sat. Night, we just don’t let the knuckle heads in! Probably the most current selection of songs to choose from in San Diego done on the best sound system in San Diego and it’s all free. Up to 16 cordless mics all kinds of props( hats, instruments, Boas, tambourine,etc) The sound is digitally processed, 12 speaker system with an 18 inch monitor w/a horn pointed right at the singer plus the words are superimposed over the singers image on 6 T.V. monitors, 3 of which are 50inch+ in size. Tons of free parking in back off the street in a city lot, there is a back door entrance. There is a pizza shop that delivers all night log that is just up the street. Drinks are reasonable, full bar, bottles beers only and cash only (ATMs are close by at 7-11) Lots of Familiar faces if you used to hang out at Di Mond Jims 2 or 3 years ago for example The Bartender, Valerie used to do security and bar-tend there, and the D.j. is D.J. BEER (aka Mike ) was the D.J. at Di Monds for over 12 years still spinnin anything from techno to old school and rock plus, some of the clientele you will recognize. You will also recognize the lighting, the same guy who did Di Monds did the lighting at Silver Dollar. Then at about 11:00 “club 2001″ kicks in with a current dance mix, we are looking for guest D.J.s and K.J.s plus local artists to perform just like we did at Di Monds. Check it out, we’ve not had a violence issue in almost 3 years! It’s just a fun safe place to party with singing and dancing with an Old School, R&B and Current Hip-Hop mix. Hope to see you there.