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Country Thursday
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Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney never intended to make this record. There was never a point when any of these songs were in danger of becoming an album. Until life shifted and some songs he put on tape rose, Life On A Rock was just the moments in his life the songwriter/singer from Luttrell, Tennessee had wanted to capture for himself.

“It’s easy to let those moments go,” says the man who’s sold over a million tickets to each of his past 10 tours, won the Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year Award a combined 8 times, had 24 #1 hits and sold over 30 million albums. “You get busy and let moments go. Other things come up, the moments pass…

“I probably let a 1000 of those go without capturing them. You just don’t realize how precious they are. What made me sit down and write ‘Lindy’ that day, I do not know. But when I did… Well, that’s when I saw how much of a moment a song can hold. Not necessarily for the radio, or the show, but my soul.”

Written over time, written for no one but himself, Life On A Rock is a handful of postcards from the life Kenny Chesney has led when he’s not being the biggest ticket-seller of the 21st century. Culled from people, places, moments and feelings of a driven man at rest, it celebrates what life gives when you yield to its inherent rhythms and the joy of friendship, the world around you and slowing down.

For Chesney, who found a circle of friends in the Caribbean just before his star began to rise, there was an equilibrium in those relationships and that life where time was almost irrelevant that spoke to the kid from a small East Tennessee town. The notion of life unfurling permeates Life On A Rock’s pensively evocative “It’s That Time Of Day,” the warm, gut-string guitar meditation “Marley” or the hushed reflection on how precious life is “Happy On The Hey Now (A Song For Kristi).”

“Most of these songs were written, but I didn’t have an emotional center or something that held them together,” Chesney allows of the most revealing project of his career. “Then, well, things happen… and you start to look at life differently, and you realize how precious what you have, what you had is.