Da Cypher Latin Edition

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Da Cypher Latin Edition Details

Aych101.Com Presents
Da Cypher Latin Edition

Open Mic Competition

Music By
DJ Grimey

Hosted By
La Loca

All Musical Genres Welcome
DJ Grimey

DJ Grimey has mystified crowds with his energetic antics at a myriad of exclusive artist parties and nightclubs across the nation and all over the world.

With an early passion for music, DJ Grimey (Anthony Cotto) entered the music scene when he was just 16, and he has yet to lose sight of what keeps the world unified – music. Having been born in San Juan, P.R., and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and then Utica, N.Y., music as a whole has always been a part of DJ Grimeys life. With his Latin-American upbringing, it is no wonder that DJ Grimey has a large Latin and Hip-Hop based fan following that is enthralled with his Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Reggaeton and House mixes, but dont let his roots fool you. He can mix up any music, anytime, anywhere.

One of DJ Grimeys claim-to-fames is that he is the only DJ to mix two music styles, the down-south style and the NY movement, creating his own bone-chilling remixes and winning him some much-deserved respect with DJs everywhere. And believe it or not, thats how he got his nickname, through the grimey mixin of Hip-Hop with his Old School style and it has stuck ever since. (Grimey, if you were wondering, simply refers to a specific type of hardcore Rap and Hip-Hop that he can spin like no other. If you think along the lines of Big L, Rakim, Big Pun, Talib Kweli, Big Daddy Kane, Gang Starr, Biggie, and Wu Tang Clan, youre pretty close to his style.)

Over the course of his career, DJ Grimey has produced several mix tapes and remixes. He has been on La Nueva 92.5, hosting and spinning for the show D Party. If that wasnt enough, he recently appeared on MTVs Spin Masters, which is hosted by Simeon Rice, and has been featured in the Tampa Bay Tribune and online as the DJ Spotlight.

Having been the DJ for a Girls Gone Wild (videotaped) event, DJ Grimey knows how to mix things up til theyre nice and hot. DJ Grimey has mixed beats for a number of hot events such as Young Jeezy concerts and tons of other high-end venues, and has spun lyrics side-by-side with the world famous DJ Tony Touch along with many other big names in the industry.