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David Celia


Cameron House, The

408 Queen Street

Toronto Ontario Canada

Tags: Concerts, Special

David Celia Details

LocationCameron House, TheFront Roomwith The ContractPatrick BrealeyGraham NicholasDavid CeliaAs restorative as a cool fresh waterfall, anxiously awaited and heavily anticipated, David Celias self produced This Isnt Here, his follow- up to 2002s Organica, was well worth the wait. Recorded between tours, the pure musical escapism (on Organica, NOW Magazine) IS here, as is the excellent musicianshipelegant and melodic (Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy) and the beautiful harmonies, all of which characterize David Celia.A recent German review calls Celia completely charmful contemplative. wonderful atmosphere… you will like him immediately..like a warm embrace from a good friend (rock e-zine, Berlin). David Celia is one of the best talents to hit Merseyside from North America (Alex McKechnie, Cavern Club, Liverpool).While This Isnt Here may be categorized as roots-pop with hints of folk (and perhaps some country vibes and a little rockin), Davids classicism manages to, naturally and effortlessly, cross genres and ages. Toddlers and Adults alike are charmed, and so are Lovers of Folk Music and fans of Pop Music.